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have you ever wondered & felt God's presence



For longest time I wondered why did I survive this stroke & what's my purpose here on earth. Yes I had young family so maybe I survived for them. But my husband is fiercely independent, So always thought survived for our young son since he needed his mom in many ways. hubby is good parent, but from time to time being together we make best parental unit. lately I have seen in so many instances I will be coming up with great ideas in regards to our son's future which are on the spot. Weird thing is that I can't even take credit for it, since idea will come up from nowhere in my head, and ofcourse since I feel so strongly about it I will act on it & things will turn out to be beneficial for our son. I believe in higher power in our life and way things are turning out for our son, I feel relieved & know that I can back off & stop worrying about our son. God has better plans for him. I can sit back relax & enjoy the ride. whatever will happen in our life will be for our good only.




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That is it Asha start relaxing, your son will be okay. You brought him up the right way, now let him spread his wings. There be times when you feel like you should be concern with things happening within your son's life, but that is what God has planned for him, know that God got it.


I know God is presence in my life, there be situations and only God could have got me out of it. My husband and I lift one another up, when he is down, I tell him that God has got us, when I take my eye off God,, my husband reminds me what I always tell him.


God is there if you want him to be


Enjoy your ride



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My take on your question of "Have you ever wondered & Felt God's Presence? " I have to say yes I have several times in different situations in my life especially in Vietnam for the year and few months I was there! I and all of us knew we were facing real live bullets being fired at us by our enemies and it was a kill or be killed situation no holds barred.


It was survive and go home or get killed and go home in a body bag dead of course! We were getting mail on occasions from our loved ones and our hearts were set on going home alive at all cost. I learned to pray to God every hour that I would make it back home to my family. My beliefs started to be I would go home alive. Then in a few more days out on patrol we got hit and lost three men right there and two wounded I was one of them!! We called in for helicopter back up and they came to our rescue.


Long story short, we all were praying to our God and seems to me I could hear my mother saying I would be alright! I didn't feel God's presents at that time but I know about it now and I do believe I'm closer to Him now than ever before in my life.


So I think it's the feeling you get when you know God better in your life. Like through all I been faced with I'm still here alive, that is faith to me and I have to say I now believe we don't go before our time!! When our place is prepared He will come again for us!!!

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it is good that you can feel God's presence asha. I really believe that it is calming to be able to do so and in some sense I do envy you.

as for your son, it is becoming up to him to make the choices that you and your husband have laid the foundation for.


best wishes to all three of you.



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