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I am so happy who knew feeling like nerd can make you so happy



I hate computers when they stop working the way they suppose to, but also when I am able to diagnose & fix the problem, it makes me feel so happy. ofcourse I needed help of another nerd to get me out of my computer not connecting to internet problem, but ofcourse I found the solution to fix the problem made me feel so good. I don't know how we lived before without google, internet, mobile & list goes on. time is just flying by I can't believe this will be our last summer before kido flies off to college. right now we are busy looking at all his college options & visiting colleges & learning about what is involved. Both of us have done our graduate studies in this country but have no idea how undergraduate admissions works so we both are learning faster. luckily I got my mom's genes so I ask ton of questions which saves us doing mistakes in this whole process. Though when I get overwhelmed by all this process I hand over to hubby & his cool & calm nature gets us out of my anxiety about whole process.So life goes on. This summer we are planning to go on cruise again & this is first time it will be just three of us no friends or family joining but usually you really don't need friends on cruise there is lot of things to keep yourself busy on it.So we are all looking forward to it.




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Guest lwisman




I know what you mean about figuring out a tech problem. Before my stroke I could handle a lot of computer issues in minutes. It now takes me days to come up with the solution. My brain just does not work quickly! I so sometimes come up with the answer.


Sometimes I have to laugh after I have called tech support and suddenly realize that I actually know more than the tech. Geesh. Guess most companies do hire some who end up being dead heads. When this happens I say thank you, hang up and call right back to get a different tech. Sometimes this works.


Enjoy the good weather!



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Asha, it is great that you still have that "tech " thing going on, me never haded it LOL. I am just please if I can get my Iphone to look at my messages. Please that the college tours are going well, lots to learn . I know your son is ready to get started on that point of his life. My Son is getting ready to leave collge and enter the world of working. He and I are planing to go to Washington DC, that is where he is thinking of moving too.



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oh yes I totally agree with you and I can understand where you are coming from after being in recovery from my stroke for 11years I have been having to rely on others for help for quite a long time thank god fornerds but to actually figure it out for yourself brins recovery to a whole new level and yes it makes me happy that there are nerds that can help to figure out all about the computer age

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Yes this computer drives me crazy but I just go buy a new one and put the old one in the closet. Once I find out how to remove the information from the hard drives I'll give them to Good Will. I hope this one I just bought a couple months ago last longer than the prior ones I bought!! My wife said no more computer buying for me!!!!



i would have somebody come to my house to repair it since I can't take it to their shop!!! That cost more and it still might not be fixed right!!

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Fred :


usually googling your problem symptom sometimes you do find solution though it's not right away. you have to go through period of frustration, trials & errors & begging your other nerd friends to come out & help you. Sometimes it works which makes you so happy & proud



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