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its amazing how my perceptions about life impacts my happiness



As all of you know I love to read books & learn. My favorite genre is spiritual & self help books. I feel as human I am here to learn & grow so love to read self help & spiritual books. God knows I can take all self help I can get lol. Today When I woke up to rainy morning after glorious sunny weekend. looking at cloudy sky I was telling hubby it feels like sun is never going to come out & was never even there day before.We both were comparing how it feels same way when you are going through tough times in your life, you can never imagine good times will ever come again. & sun will come out again. I guess I am going to make note to myself when tough times comes to remember this great lesson that after cloudy day sun is out there hiding behind cloud & will eventually come out so remember to look for rainbow in cloud.




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Your blogs are like a rainbow Asha. You always look on the bright side. We have had many cloudy days lately with rain or showers forecasted almost every day. Then I look at the news and see things much worse and know we are lucky to be here.



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Great blog Asha! a reminder to look for the sun that comes after the stroms. As humans we get struck in feeling "bad' forgetting that good times are comming. We are so bless, some countries can not write or talk about what we are talking. We are still free to vote, read what we want to read, watch a movie, listen to what on the radio, heard the news about other countries. We are blessed!



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I'm glad you are happy and life is not passing you by... I have those same thoughts too and I'm a very happy man in this life I'm living these days with my wonderful wife....

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Very appropriate blog for me today. It is raining again. But yesterday I managed to do some gardening as we had a dry morning but a very wet afternoon. The forecaster says it will be sunny tomorrow. So as I only have to live one day at a time that is good.


Thank you for another thoughtful blog.

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