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grief does not change you



I recently read quote of the movie Faults in our stars "Grief does not change you it reveals you" in Jean Riva's blog about her review of that movie. I find that quote so appropriate, yes I know suffering can make person bitter or better, but sometimes I wonder about that. I have heard lot about lot of relationships breaking because of difficulties in their life in form of adversity, but I think there was something wrong in relationship before hand & now that problem came up it broke camel's back. I was discussing with hubby & we both agreed person does not change because of difficulties its more like stone is covered with dust & when that gets cleared it reveals itself whether its stone or diamond. I love this wisdom I am getting as I am getting older.





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Hi Asha, again your blog makes us think," do grief change us' ? i belevie that grief makes you stop and face your fears. As humans we cover up our true feelings, wheather we do it to not hurt someone or just don't want to face it! My father would say that everything you do in the dark will come out in the light. Grief makes you stop and think hard about your life, and your vaules. If a relationship is bulid on lies, then yes grief is going to make it fall down!


Yes we all get wiser, as we are getting older, I love my gray hairs it shows that Iam fill of wisdom!



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Accepting it conforms you and in time you get comfort in knowing it's a part of life that many people pass through that zone, not just you but everyone in one way or another!!!!


It teaches you to control yourself and face the world as you are!!!!

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