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I'm BACK For A Little While!



My body has taken a beating from the many test I have undergone until my whole body is super weak and very unsteady for standing, walking, and sitting down. I feel like I been shot from a big cannon gun and didn't land yet! Overall the bad bacteria is just about gone from my body and been replaced with good bacteria for as I know about. How did all this happen to me?????? I'd have to say at this point "Only God knows." I do know now I will have colon checks every five years instead of every ten years. Also prostate and checks in general from this age forward.


A couple doctors are trying to understand why the brain bleed stroke10 years ago and I'm guessing it was just my time until they discover the real reason it happened to me and no other family member! No family history of strokes. I fell off bicycles many times on my head while riding on the handle bars. So it's a test, wait and see what they come up with.


I always wanted to be married so I wouldn't be alone and boy am I glad about that decision when I had the stroke being married for the 4th time when she got home and found me passed out and called 911.The next big thing now is the doctors trying to see why I'm bleeding from the bullet area where I got shot and that bullet is still inside me. It was too dangerous to try and remove it at that time!


Oh well, hey I made it this far as a survivor with the grace of God so He knows I'm here! I will try to post when I can!


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Good to hear from you Fred, please do post when you can as you are one of the beloved elders of this site and we miss you when you are not posting, commenting and encouraging us all on the journey.

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Fred :


Its so good to see your blog I know we both are very close in our decade old survivorship & we both survived for a reason. glad you never gave up on finding your soulmate & I am glad you finally found it. please keep us updated when your health allows you to do so.



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Wow, glad you were able to let us know what's going on. So much in such a short time. Sounds like you have good medical advice at least, more than some!

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Have missed you Fred, Good to see and you are back! My computer broke and found you missing when I got back on line, I'm not used to not seeing you on here!, Hope you get better soon

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Fred, thanks for letting us know what is going on. I missed your words of wisdom, and down to earth advise. Please that you have found your "soul mate"


Get better soon my dear


God bless



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