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No Doctor Decisions Yet So Some Time Off With My Wife



Well still waiting on doctor decisions about my health inside. So off to the casino where ever there is no snow on the ground. The bacteria is nearly all good now but still some bad is there causing problems but not like before thank God! Already I'm tired of winter weather so I stay inside to feel the heat.


My wife got a couple days off for President's Day and she needs rest away from home I think! We got on each others nerves so it is time to get away and try to have a little fun together. Hope I feel better when I get back and get my computer fixed or buy another one before I get mad and hurt this one! Everything needs updating like drivers and other things too. A change of food to eat will be good too!


You know, God knows, I pray I never have to be left in a home for personal care. I pray to for those in homes now or must go in soon with no other choices! I feel good at home with my wife and family and the little dog right by my feet all day checking on me.


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY To ALL of my members TODAY!! Eat well and smell the roses! Make Love Not War!!


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Fred, a break away will do you both good. Eat, drink, be merry. Forget the specialist doctor's tests results. I used to say to Ray: "whatever you've got you have had for a long time, it's just that they have got a name for it now" so nothing to be afraid of. As for the future, face that when you come to it. Sometimes God moves our tent to another place where He can use us better and that is just what obedience is all about..

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happy valentine Day Fred, enjoy your vacation with your wife doctors will eventually figure it out & fix you till then enjoy your day to fullest with your wife by your side.



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