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Still Not Complete In Medical Knowledge From Doctors



Well I'm still under doctors care and many more test to go with my last one being due on 25 February. They did the bacteria test yesterday. I have less now than I did weeks ago. I'm slowly getting back to reasonable health but we still can't tell where in my body the blood is coming from.


So his is an interim report for now and I feel good but weak in my knees. Still have to watch where I sit down high enough seat so I can stand up. Things went well on our short get-away trip and I got lucky enough to win money on the quarter machine to pay for gas, hotel, and all of our food.


More next week when the doctors are finished with me!


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Nice to know you and your wife had a good getaway Fred. Hope the doctors pick up some more information and fins some solutions that will return you back to full health. (((hugs)))

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Fred you are so awesome--- you know it sounds like you had / have C-diff .. which is very hard to deal with - i have a girlfriend who's mom has had it ... hang in there and i hope you had fun with the wife... nancyl

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes I'll be happy when I know my condition is back to normal I have had slow heart beats and other problems but I hope all will be OK soon!

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Guest hostwill



For an old soldier, you have been through a lot, I knew someone who had similar problems, and it was discovered the clinic perforated an intestine during their last colonoscopy. I pray for wisdom for the doctors and Peace and healing for you.



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