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WOW!! I'm Bad Bacteria Free!



The bad bacteria in my body is now gone. Just a stool sample to turn in this morning is all I got left to do. My doctor called me yesterday at 433 and gave me the news. All I got left to do is turn in a stool sample this morning. I feel better already! Thanks again for all your support!


My next problem to solve is being able to stand up from my seat at church, home, or any place I sit down! That has to do with my knees and the arthritis I got. Other than that I can deal with everything else I got and this stroke for the last 10 years.


I been on this site since 2005 and I learned so much about strokes and recovery while dealing with left side paralysis. I got my scooter and I drive my old 2003 Ford Explorer hauling my scooter every where I go. That's my blessings I thank God for them!


And for all of you here. You are the best around and I am proud to be your friend!!!!


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Good news Fred. Larry has a hard time getting up from a seated position also. I think the key is to keep moving that leg whether sitting or walking.



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Glad the bad bacteria is gone! Good luck on getting up when you sit down! I just found this site about a week ago. but it has already helped me a lot by reading other people's stories and the support you can feel. Love your positive attitude about your stroke!

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good for you my friend! I am very happy that you are recovering well and can infect us all with your incredible enthusiasm.




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