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Oh Boy!



I bet you are all sick of reading about Debbie's winter follies for the past four years. And guess what folks? This is another one for the books!


A friend Emailed me a poster that said "Today I went outside and the air hurt my face. Why am I living in a place where the air hurts my face?"


Blizzard last year, 30 inches of snow in one day the year before, massive storms year before that. And lets talk about 2014. Or not. You can always skip over.


End of January, huge chill. And all of the country felt it. That I guess was just the appetizer. Last two weeks, we have had 6 major storms. Just this last week: Friday into Saturday-8 inches light and fluffy; Sunday into Monday-a foot, heavy and wet; Wednesday into Thursday-8 inches, heavy wet and now tonight 4 inches already on the ground and another 5 to go. Hee Haw. And Tuesday another due in. Then, just maybe, a thaw.


What a year to have your snow removal team quit in November when you have no chance of finding someone new until the Spring. If I did not have people from here to message to; I would be out in the street, naked with a nice Marguerita, laughing and singing. Because I am that close to losing my mind.


Bruce has been wonderful but again cabin fever. I do try to get him out whenever I can get him up and down the ramp safely. Work hasn't seen me to speak of for two weeks. Erma is away and the one person who offered to help is in Florida for a few days - LOL.


Neighbor Cliff is so wonderful in helping all three families who got left in the lurch. My day is go to work for a few hours if I can get in, come home. Truck to bottom of driveway, I shovel it out and let the sun do her job. Clean up the spot where the truck was. Fine tune the clean up on the ramp. Shove some sort of food in front of Bruce for lunch, toilet him and help him get into bed for a nap. Out to clear downspouts and shovel the deck. Roof rake the back roof best I can. Today both back windows gushing water from the ice build up. So guess Roof Raking as a paying job is not in my cards - LOL. Fortunately an emergency call to our Contractor Pete was successful. Just before the latest Nor'easter started.


Colleen, bless her, had spent a lot of time helping me with new menus and recipes. Food is not a problem. And with Bruce's couponing, plenty of stash. In the meantime, nothing in the house has been done except maybe laundry, no appointments, tons of phone calls to be made. Bruce's friend pushing for an overnight at the Casino - sure all that prep is in the works - LOL.


So many here with problems so much more difficult than mine and I hate to whine. But right now I would kill for a hot bath. When Erma gets back that is definitely in the works. Stay warm and safe, Debbie


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Believe me, I would be whining big time over all that snow and I love the snow. So sorry your snow removal team bailed on you at such a difficult time. I think I would end up snowbound because my back and shoulders wouldn't allow me to keep up. But I sure do understand your concern about keeping a clear pathway for medical personnel. I'm really glad people on this site are available to you--we don't want you running naked in those streets, with or without a marguerita!


Think green--it will show up one day... ~~Donna

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Ethyl, hearing about the weather you are having makes me greatful that I live in the south even though we did get 5 inches of snow Tuesday, seems minute to what you are dealing with! Even our WalMart shut down Wednesday evening and didn't open up till 9 or 10 the next morning which is unheard of! However if things don't change around here I think I will come visit you and we can both dance in the snow naked with a margarita! Sounds like a lot of fun and would be a great stress relief for both of us! ;)

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We have had a bitter winter, but I thank God nothing like 30" in one day! I don't know how those of you who live in areas where you can EXPECT those kinds of winters can stand facing another winter season. You have my respect!


Ha, ha, I had the hoe and was trying a little roof raking with it - gotta pick up one of those things if I can ever get OUT of here to a hardware store. Living in my own form of hell here, so much to do, so many decisions, and I'm just not in the mood. Just want to lay down and stay there.

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Funny, with all the time being stuck in the house, mostly all I'm getting done too is cooking and laundry. Oh yeah and shoveling, I forgot about that. Good thing we're getting our taxes done tomorrow, Ray REALLY needs to get out of the house, and soon!

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We have the cold to contend with but not that much snow. We are having a warming trend coming but we first pay for it tomorrow with freezing rain. Hard getting out to even get the mail as I slipped on the sidewalk and even the grass was icy!


I'm glad you got some help with the roof and gutters. Take care and don't try to do it ALL.



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Cindy: come along baby. Mike can do stairs. The guest room is comfy and a nice bath. Can't offer you the Master - that belongs to Mary Beth now. And with Colleen's recipes for appetizers-you and I will do Margueritas and Cosmos. And someone on this street will help us back inside! LOL


Sandy: our one blessing is the house-inside, at least-is warm and safe. I think I would lose my mind if I was dealing with your issues. But you and Bob are welcome here if you need time away. Like Donna says snow can be beautiful and relaxing if you don't have to deal with removing it.


Why do we live here? Bruce was born in Vermont. He is a cold weather baby. This was his first home. He had no help in deciding what to buy but knew when he got here it was his. I have said repeatedly over the past few years I will do whatever I can to keep him here. But I think he realizes how much this takes out of me and how much that impacts him and his recovery. If we decide to go, I hope (and pray) he understands.


Rock on babies. Two more biggies due this week: Tuesday and Thursday.

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Debbie, We lived in Chicago for 5years and my husband jumped for joy when his job offered him to go back to Florida!. Let us know how Tuesday and Thursday goes, I dont blame you looking at Margueritas and Cosmos recipes, but let's keep some clothing on LOL.



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