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One very long Winter



I just finished reading Nancy's blog about Dan unprogramming the TV remote and had to laugh - not to Nancy, of course. But I realize I have entered their universe - LOL.


The problem with shoveling snow for 2 1/2 weeks or tending to abdominal distress for a long haul is that almost nothing else gets any attention and then you find out, "hey, the TV remote doesn't work." Nancy, when Bruce did it to ours, all three remotes had to be replaced - three different TVs - LOL. What fun eh?


So we have a family event coming up and Mary Beth and the girls are due in tomorrow night. I finally got a breather from the snow last week and was able to deal with the "lists."


First order of business was a "spa" day for Bruce. Our beautiful gallery from the garage into the house is now a mud room - LOL. Take off the wet put on something dry and warm, move on. One day Erma laundered everything and tried to organize the boots, shoes, scarves, hats and gloves. Finally we both agreed to do it in the Spring - LOL. I don't think much about me. I did keep up with moisturizer, but a wet wool hat just does a job on the head and from there, why bother? Tomorrow it will be the same. But I have been meticulous in keeping Bruce groomed, so that was a rude awakening.


Now to the lists: we have a private electrical supplier. For two years we have had good savings. But a recent newspaper article said to check this out and yup - rates now higher than the utility - about $220.00 a year, so there's an immediate (and long) phone call. Medigap Insurance Company just cut relations with our closest Level I hospital, so have to ask Bruce's PCP if we need to change policies. Next nearest hospital is not a Level I and about 10 minutes further out and does PCP have rights there? Cell phone contract just went up and AT&T offered a great deal - another long phone call.


This is the important stuff. Working in around that is tax preparation, Kira's check up, stores to get in for the family, cleaning. Last Sunday we had a huge grocery shop since we hadn't been in three weeks. And then, just getting Bruce out.


I think that was the worst. Get home from work, shove a sandwich in front of him, shovel; come in, get him down for a nap, more shovel and then figure out something for dinner, maybe do a load of laundry. And yes, I lost him - no one to talk to, no projects, no interaction. I did contact our friends and said "JUST CALL HIM." Give him 10 minutes, please.


The worst are the well-wishers. I know everyone here is over-whelmed this winter. But I managed to pick up lunch for Cliff when he was on his roof, clearing snow. And provide a meal and help shovel Gloria out when she was down with the flu. It is imperative that I keep the exits to this home clear and safe for the WC and for 911. So please don't tell me what I don't have to do just to appease yourself.


So finally, some progress on the lists. Bruce is looking good. We are getting out, he is talking again, sharing, thinking! And hey, another huge storm due Monday - so we will start again. Debbie


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Debbie, have a great visit with Mary Beth, it will do you so much good. And Spring is just around the corner for you. I know that because here the days are getting shorter and it was a lot colder today than it has been so far, autumn (fall) is just around the corner for us.


Hope you have a lot of happy chat over the weekend and feel your spirits rising again.

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Debbie, I know what you mean about winter. Lesley and spent two days last week shoveling the snow off our roof, about 2300 sq ft. The snow was 3-4 ft think. It took me 4 days to recover, but we saved $500 doing it ourselves.


Tomorrow nite we are expecting -30 below, and have not been above +10 for weeks now and have 130+ inches of snow so far this winter and it is snowing now.....

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I totally am in the "the more of this stuff I *have* to do, the less attention Bob is getting from me. I hate it, but this place is a disaster zone and like you said, it's coming again.


I see we are sharing the same beauty secrets this winter. The last time I dyed my hair was around them iddle of December. Then I went to buy more and found Walmart didn't seem to have my color anymore... still looked again... wasn't there. Then decided, just let it grow out a little and see if I can stand it like that, and just go gray - white I hope. Funny, the 2" long hair on my legs is still dark....

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