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Musings, what if's, wondering what could have been, woulda, coulda, shoulda, maybe taking the other fork in the road...... WARNING, I have not a clue exactly where this is going, but here goes. Put on your helmet and goggles. A few nights ago Lesley and I went to a local concert put on by local musicians doing much of their own written music. Then the same feeling came on me that usually does at such events. I hate to say it but at such times I confess to having a touch of envy watching musicians play with such freedom and reckless abandon. I have always wished I could do the same, they just seem to so enjoy themselves.


I have zero musical talent. I am such a logical thinker, meticulous doing of anything, planner, etc, etc. Those traits kept me from ever becoming a really good golfer or bowler. I just think things through too much to be successful in such pursuits. Now set up a pool table or a chess board and I can play ok. Do not misunderstand, I am happy with myself just as imperfect as I am. I can't think of anyone I would trade places with. BUT just once I would like to be able to get together with some like minded folks pick up an instrument, any instrument, and jam the night away.


To experience the free, eclectic run of the spirit with no planning thoughts, or concern about logical results, well, that might just be fun sometime. So, Lesley being the one who wants to fix anything that needs fixing is suggesting I get an old guitar or some other string instrument since that is probably all this left (stroke) hand could do at all. She plays a dulcimer at the beginner level from time to time and now has dreams of the two of us jamming.


A different subject but along same line of thought, in my 10 years in Europe, including 4 in Italy I worked on and drove many Italian sports cars. Fiats, Alfa Romeo's Mazerati's, Ferraris, and a few others. Lesley has been after me for several years for us to get an older Fiat or Alfa convertible. A toy if you will. Where we live it would only be something to drive from May to September, but we ain't gettin' any younger. So in May we are buying a 25 year old Alfa Romeo convertible with a five speed manual shifter. Lesley already has dreams of her hair flying in the wind like Gina Lolla Brigida or somebody like that. Me, I am looking at the logic in doing this but find none. You know what? It doesn't matter, logical or not I think we are going to do it. This time I'm going to take the other fork in the road, the one less traveled. Maybe a guitar is in my future.


You may now take your helmet and goggles off.


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A lot of older folk who have not had those youthful music lessons now play the ukulele. They play in large groups and seem to have heaps of fun. I do not have any musical training but it does look like fun to me.

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Sounds like you have a plan! A convertible sounds like fun. A buddy of mine for the past two years has been playing the guitar. Does really well. And it would be kinda cool strumming away by the campfire! Where did you find a convertible in your neck of the woods?


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Have I got good news for you! What most people don't know is that music is in fact logical, mathematical even. I think you will love the guitar. I don't know if you have anyone in mind to teach you but if not, I found a great website for guitar lessons, at your own pace,that are absolutely wonderful that takes you from beginner right through advanced. www.guitartricks.com


Look out Bob Segar, here comes George!

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George: I come at this from a slightly different angle, but along the same lines. I am also the logical, practical one. But as most good Italian girls was classically trained=dance and music. Problem with me is I have no artistic talent - LOL. That is my Bruce. I can give you something back, exactly as it was written, but don't ask me to improvise. I just don't "hear" it.


However, it did make me valuable back in the day = most bands and musicians did not want another "diva" - LOL. They needed the music-whatever instrument-cut and dry, don't take off on your own. I did a nice job of supporting myself through College that way.


Go for it Baby! Your soul with sing (both with the guitar and the car) and who could ask for more? Debbie

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