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Things I couldn't make up if I tried



I am a manager in a restaurant. I was a server for this same company for 8 years before going into management. I think I will share a story from time to time. Some of the things people do...


Most recent winner of "YOU'RE COMPLETELY JOKING, RIGHT?" goes to:


On mother's day we had a couple in their 30's dine with us for dinner. Mother's day is the unequivicable busiest day of the year. Their server went to set down their basket of delicious, warm, free biscuits, and one slid out the the top and landed on the gentleman's knee. He immediately asked for the manager because this bicuit was "making his knee swell." A manager had to go to the table and get his info so we could file an accident report and so he could seek medical attention. Mind you it was one biscuit- the wire basket never touched him. We have been know to throw a biscuit at each other from time to time in the kitchen (before I was a manager, of course biggrin.gif ) and I am positive no one lost an eye or needed medical attention- even when the bisuits weren't quite as fresh or light and fluffy as they once were. The manager had to take her time to report this "accident" to our insurance during the busiest day of the year. Even the claims manager thought we were joking. By the way, they still had to pay for their dinners.

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