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a message for my mom & family:



This entry is specifically for my family, although It's not so personal that I care if others read it.

I know some of you have been to this site before because it was easy to recognise your user name, although I noticed it's been a long time since you posted. And I know mom knows of the site because she sent me here. All I ask is that if you have recognized me, try to refrain from reading any of my blog entries or any threads I may have started. I certainly don't anticipate saying anything to offend or insult my family. I just need the comfort of knowing I can express my true feelings without having to worry about how a family member might take it, or worry that if I am having a bad day or even a bad week, that I won't come home to find a family member on my doorstep to help "save" me. There will be times when Patrick or I will be depressed. I think that's understandable. There will be times when we need the help from family. I promise to let you know when those times are. So please, give me this spot to vent and to express my thoughts. Feelings are feelings; they aren't always rational, or even fair. Sometimes putting feelings in black and white, staring back at you makes it easier to own the feeling and let it go and move on. Thank you, I love you all.- Kristen


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