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So far, this aide isn't impressing me.....



Friday, when she was leaving, she said see you Monday. I said great; I don't want you to lose your hours but I do want to warn you I will be staying home that day, as I always do on St Patricks Day, to watch the parade on TV (well, not counting the few times we did go into the city or out to Montauk) anyway it's a big deal to me. Not to most people, but just something I like to do each year. A personal tradition, if you will.


So Monday, I'm somewhat annoyed at myself because I'd really like to just hang. I should have told her not to come after all, I'm thinking. Then an hour before she's due, the aide calls and says, oh did my office call you to tell you we're closed today because of the holiday? I just wanted to make sure you know I'm not coming. Sounded fishy, but since it's only been a week I didn't want to get on her case immediately...my motto is, three strikes and you're out...so this morning I called her office and asked, were all your aides off yesterday due to the holiday? She says, what holiday? Then laughed and oh St Patricks Day, of course not. Luckily she didn't ask for any more info so I didn't have to tattle. Yet!


I was glad she wasn't coming, but why didn't she just say she wasn't as I suggested, instead of lying? I am going to have to bring it up in a roundabout way tomorrow, so that she knows I know. So weird, doesn't make me very comfortable either. What will she pull next I wonder?


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You know in my case now I don't have in house help and sometimes I prefer not to have to wonder if they are coming or not on certain days. Then it was my experience that the aide was always needing funds to get items she needed. So I'm doing things for myself now and I like that better.


It's just me and my grand daughter's little dog at the house all day until I go pick her up from school at 3pm!! My wife comes home on her lunch hour most days so I'm OK!!

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in fairness to the aid - i ( when i worked in home care for easter seals a long time ago-man i am old) - never liked it when the parents stayed home - they hardly ever did, but i always felt a little weird... so maybe that was it to bad she felt she need to fib about it.... we both know ray will keep you up to date on everything...

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Well today she showed up 15 minutes late with no apologies, and said they will probably replace her in the near future as our aide. I'm guessing because she is available four hours but I'm only taking her for two; probably found another morning patient instead. She also said she didn't want to be bored this time so I gave her a bunch of cleaning products and she tidied up a bit while I was gone (only an hour or so due to her tardiness). Yeah it's almost not worth it, but guess I'll go with the flow for now. Glad I didn't tell on her anyway, there's always three sides to every story!

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Colleen: or she just may need the hours and maybe expected the agency to get her additional clients to make up the difference. In any case, I too wonder why she felt she had to fib. And it may not have had anything to do with you and Ray. She may have had words with her supervisor about the hours and then called out in a huff. I never understood that - you are only hurting yourself but I do find it common with this younger generation.


In any case, hopefully you will soon get the whole four hours you would like and at least now you know you have to leave chores. Our Leo loved to organize closets - LOL. He would remove, clean and then restack. It was a huge help. Light vaccuming, wash kitchen and bathroom floors. Anything like that, but now you know they are asking for that and you can start and think how that can help you. Keep us updated. Debbie

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