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Looking For More Recovery I can Feel



Spring has sprung then after Summer comes,Fall will follow then we must prepare for Old man winter and Destruction is highly possible... About that time I'll have eleven years of recovery under my belt I pray! I will be looking for plenty of recovery by that time in my ability to function and use my weak left side of my body!


I well know recovery is slow at best but I just want my body able to do a bit more after 20 years because after then my time may not be long. I enjoy each day I get now if it could be a day without pains and knees hurting so bad! Thank God for pain meds! I'm just tired of taking them now! However I am grateful for still being here with my lovely wife whom has cared for me all this time with not one complaint! How blessed can one man be?


I will go with the flow and manage what I can long as possible! What else can any of us do?? We could all sit in the garage but that won't make us a car.


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Your last sentence had me laughing out loud, that is really funny! Thanks for a positive post. Good luck to you as you continue on this journey called life after stroke!

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