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will i see recovery ?if i work at it?



this I am sure that you will see recovery if you work at it try new things and do whatever you can do to help your brain learn what you expect your body to do for you your brain has an incredible abilty to learn new things your brain is so incredible that the abilty to make new connection find a new route to help your limbs legand arm to do for you what you expect of your body , the ones thing that I am sure if you don"t work at it you are letting your brain know that you are comfortable with what you are able to do so your brain will have no reason to try harder to make new connections you have the power in you to learn new things and to expect more of your brain your brain is always growing and learning new things with plasticity so I think that if you are able to do it teach your brain what you want it to do for you weither it be walk longer and further endurance is the key walk longer get in the routine I am sure that a lot of members have already seen some improvement over the years if you look at what you couldn't do before and then what you can now you will probably be very amase at just how far you have come and when you look at it it is all about just living your life to the best that you can your recovery is a journey with lots of curves in the road but it is a journey since it is your journey you have a choice to make to live and to live happy and just do the best that you can I know that I have struggle a lot but I know that I am getting better I am not where iwant to be but I know that if I continue to work at it I am very happy to continue to work at it I hope that you do recoverand I hope that you will enjoy your life and that you will do the best that you are able to do we have come a very long way and yes it has taken you and me a very long way so the question you have to ask you is how far will I be if I didn't try at all ?be happy with what you can do let your brain know that you want more challenge it work hard and it will get better it may take you a very long time but its all that we have just hope and hope is a very good thing may your recovery be a good one I wish you nothing but thevery best in your journey


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wow great blog. I think we do get complacent when we work at recovery but dont see results right away. i know i have sure got used to doing everything with 1 hand. gotta remember to use the other one so i can get it to moving again because i've learned that doing it the other way around (wait for it to move so i can use it again) doesnt work

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Lenny, you are right, you can get complacent, not expect a result and accept the lower standard, or you can strive, exercise, and find new and interesting ways of doing things. I think the more you do the easier it gets. I hope you get a lot of opportunities to put some of that into practice.


It must be frustrating though. I remember how Ray hated to exercise. I know he did want to improve but somehow couldn't see the harder he worked the more likely it was to happen. He just wanted a quiet life and no stress. In the end that was what he settled for. I miss him still.



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Hi Lenny, great blog, and so true. We just have to keep on working at it and it will get better after time. I have got better it has taken three years. I still do silly things, the other day in the shoe shop I wanted to try on high heels, fell, at first I was mad, then I began to laugh, but I got up! I go two day a week, Keep fit I love it, that is how I got up after I fell! I go walking every day, yes I do not walk fast, slow and steady, but I am moving.



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