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on yourmark :happydance: get set :cheese1: get ready time to search for all the chocolate eggs you can find :Good-Luck: and eat that all you can eat that's right because its easter you sdeserve it :Nodding: just a little blog to let you know that on easter day I am hoping that all the members will have a very very happy easter and that you will have a really good dinner :Starvin: on a really special day :cocktail: and on easter day it is a very good day tobecause of the spring in the air that you get lots of walking in say hi to your neighbour wish your fellowwalkingers a very happy easterwork off all the calories you will have to burn off eating all of your favorite chocolate mine is reeses peanut butter cup I eat los of those so I have to walk lots to keep me fit and trim have a ball enjoy your day hope that you will have a very very happy easter do something special just for you I will be thinking of you all the members on stroke net when I give a toast to you for always being here when I need you most so I raise a glass high in the air and I give thanks to you and to all the members on stroke net and of coarse to steve Mallory for thinking and making up this wonderful site so we can have friends to meet and to talk so that we don"t feel so alone and isolated as we go through our journey of recovery happy easter to everyone


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Thanks Lenny and same to you and your family!!


I been watching the game and Boston was ahead while I was looking they should have won??

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Lenny, hope your Easter went well. I went to Church, then our neighbour's haded a easter egg hunt. it was good to see the young ones having fun.



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Thank you! Hope you had a wonderful Easter also! We made it to church for the second time in 8 months yeah! Ate too much food and chocolate for being a diabetic! LOL :)

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