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imagine thatstroke case study



well as you know I got an opportunity to go to a casestudy I wentto simon fraser university for a stroke case study while there I was ask a series of questions I was ask to rememver in order a series of words and to repeat the words in order and the word was face saten daisy redparade then I was ask to start fom 100 and subteact by 7 till I was stop I didn't do well on this one my math is just aweful I was then ask to follw the letters and numbers in order and connect the dots example a to 1 and b to 2and d to 4 then I was shown 3 animals a camel a lion and a rhino and ask to tell what it was I was then ask what a banana and an orange using one word to describe why they are alike then ask a bicycle and a locomotive ect then I was ask to remember a sentence and repeat it exactly asi heard for instance the cat and the dog was playing by te coach until the dog came inand then I was ask to put on a headset which has a series of electrodes that was hookup yo the computer which would then read my brain output energy if I had one then I was shown an x which I was to rest then with no activity the computer will see that no brain activity was going on then I was shown a fist and at that time I was to try without doing it to open my hand as quicly as I can 5 times after just thinking about doing that the brain will send a signal that I am tring to open my hand I wasthen shown a picture os an arm bending my elbow I was trhen instructed to bend my elbow as quickly as I canand the computer will get a read of what my brain activity wasdoing when I just thought about doibng it then after doing that for about 12minutes I was then shown a cube in a window positioning in the centeri was told to relax and the cube would then start to fall then I wastold to simply think abiut open my and and then the cube will start to move upward the power of imigige so dmoving it with out actually doing it just thinking about it I did very well at this in fact since I was able to do that I was ask to come back and I get to try the robitic arm a very very cool stuf where I will be using the robotic arm to use my left arm to drink from a cup and to pick up the bean bag to moce it from one place to the other istart that one on Saturday I will let you know how it goes


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Lenny, sounds like a great opportunity and you are up for it. Hope all goes well. I am sure you will blog about it so I will look forward to that.

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Good for you Lenny. Looks like you have a good memory, I am not sure I would have remembered all the questions in the test to be able to retell it here. Good luck on the other part of the test. Hugs



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