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only a reminder to my fellow stroke survivors, may,4th



I just wanted to blog to give all the members that ato always be very very careful out there while you are walking or even in your own home I had a friend who had a stroke and had a very bad fall and hurt himself quite bad and actually broke his hip and end up dying from his injury so please be careful at all times you are dealing with a stroke a stroke which will make you weaker and tired so tired that you may not think that anything will happen but think again I don"t want to scare you but I do want to warn you of the danger of falling down and injured yourself I was very close to my friend we was actually in the same hospital and became very close friend from this so please take care be careful


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Lenny :


thanks for reminder & condolences on your friends passing. My biggest worry is also falling, but I feel I have no control over falling, even if I try to be careful, once you loose balance there is no way I can stop myself. So I choose to live day to day & not worry about future. If it happens I know I have family who will take care of me to best of their ability.



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I agree so much. I'm sure there are people who think I need to let Bob just walk along and if he falls he falls. Nope. If he breaks a hip, I know good and well it could signal the end of our lives as we know it. I will push him to do all that he can do, but with me. I have seen what you talk about before, a broken hip is a spiral down, even for a person in their 50s who have not had a stroke. Must use common sense and strive to always do better, risk need not be involved.

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Lenny, I am so sorry about the passing of your friend. We do need to be careful, last year I fell, go up and did not mention to my family that I haded fallen, because I enjoy my walking in the morning and don't want to hear it about me walking. A week later, my leg was swollen and painful, my husband took one look and in the ER , I was there for six days! I haded a bad infection, that was travelling farther up my leg. I was lucky, now I will tell my famly when I fell.


Lenny, prayers and my thoughts are on there way to your friends family and yours.



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oh thank youyvonne for your prayers and thoughts for me and if my blog has given you a reason to be safe and tell what happen to you if you have fallen it is much better then to be safe than sorry be careful my friend

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