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well its mothers day today time to give your mother a kind thought for all that your mother has done for you and time to pay homage to the most important person in your life thank you mom for all that you have done for me and for always being there for me whatever I can do for you you certainly deserve it from me so I say a very happy mothers day to you and to all the mothers out there and not only a very big thank you to mothers on mothers day but a great big thank you for giving us hope by always being there for the stroke survivers a very big thank you for a very hard job as a caregiver one that you may feel is never fully appreciate for all that you do in order to help the stroke surviver just to get through lifes biggest challenge but instead you are always there in order to be able to conquer lifes challenge for both you and for me a great big thsnk you for all that you do for all the stroke surviver knowthat you are thought often about all that you have sacrifice all that you do for the stroke surviver I am very glad that you have chosen that job as caregiver you have made my life better because you have chosen to help me and all the other stroke surviver that so desperately needs you to be there I know that it sometimes feel like such a thankless job so for all of you caregivers a great big thank you for all that you do god bless the caregiver and godbless your mother happy mothers day


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Lenny :


you are such a sweetheart no wonder your caregiver adores you. you both are lucky to have each other in their life. I a also lucky to have amazing caregiver my partner in crime in this life's journey.



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Lenny, you are so right and my pastor said yesterday in church none of us would be here without the woman and mothers like it was with the birth of Christ and with Eve before that time!!!


We are all blessed having a mother around and for the ladies who survived a stroke they have a wonderful father and husband by their side in most cases!!!


We are all so blessed and proud of the woman in our lives!!!!

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Thanks Lenny. It is nice to hear your appreciation for caregivers as well as mothers. I know I feel sometimes I am going back to being "the mother I once was was" as well, in my old age. : )



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