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Did I tell Ya I hate hospitals......



My Dad went in to the hospital Tuesday, he had to have a heart cath done to check for some abnormals from failing his stress test a few weeks ago. I drove my Mom and Dad in as my Mom refuses to drive. We get to the CiCU unit for the cath. I hate this place. Reminds me when I was in the hospital. I went up to the nurses station and looked at the board. There were 10 scheduled for the day. Same doctor. His name is Arapor. I paused and asked the nurses if I was in the right place ( always key) and that I was here for Arapor day. They got a little chuckle out of it. He did great, they did have to put a stent in as he had 90% blockage on his right side. This makes stent #5. He is 78 and if you took away the congestive heart failure in decent health. : ) He did not tell no one how he was feeling, nothing. he is very lucky. So this story has a happy ending except that did I tell you I hate hospitals!



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Glad your dad is OK! As for the hospital, I guess just file it under "necessary evil". (I hate them too).

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i hate hospital too. It's a good place to "get tuned up", but you do not want to stay for very long.


I'm glad your dad is doing well.



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