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I made it!!



Well...I made it through the surgery, am home and didn't have to be cut open to get all the parts out. 3 small incisicions where women get cut when they have a C section and one on the belly button. They stitched the inside and then glued them they are so small. Won't know if it's cancer until later this week but the doctor, (she's wonderful) doesn't think so. The mass wound up being inside the ovary. Strange huh? And, I even got to take a shower today. All went really smooth and I'm glad to be home and in good health.


So far so good and thanks to you all who were thinking of me and gave me such support. pash.gif


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I'm so happy to see you posting this tonight! Glad to hear the doctor is very hopeful of a good outcome. Take it easy for a few days!



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Hey Cindy,

Glad it all went well. As someone who had two c- sections, if they shaved you, prepare for the itching when the hair grows back!


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Thanks for all of your encouraging words.


Pam....Thanks for the advice but, I found the best razor ever made and did it myself. In fact the lady that was 'supposed' to prep me said "Oh my honey, do you want a job?". lol_2.gif

I've never had itching or the bumps they like to leave with this particular razor. FYI...It's a man's Mach 3 razor that has a little button that makes it vibrate. And when you use it, it doesn't even feel like you're shaving. Okay...too much information? Oh well, I'm feeling pretty good with the little pills they gave me to take home for pain.

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