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Bruce's 64th birthday



Today is Bruce's birthday.


It has been an odd couple of weeks since Kira's infections. The little queenie is almost back to her usual spoiled self - LOL.


Monday morning Mary Beth called to tell us that neice Melissa's best friend had been killed in a car accident. This is the pretty Redhead you see in our wedding pictures. Scottie was also a close family friend. She loved coming to Connecticut. Bruce and she became best buddies. It was fun to get up on Sunday morning and see her and Bruce enjoying the Sunday paper and coffee. Scottie loved going to Milford, loved the beach. Scottie and Melissa would often take Izabella for a few hours to give Brittany a break. Brittany took the two of them into Times Square just so that they could experience New York. Brittany will be going up to New Hampshire to represent the family next weekend at Scottie's Memorial. Needless to say, it has been a long week.


Monday was an unforecasted snow storm - yes, Nancy, that jerk shook it up again - LOL. Fortunately Erma lives close enough she was able to get here and I was able to go to my Doctor appointment, long put off. Neighbor Cliff, bless him, had us plowed out before I got home.


So on to the birthday week. Weather was forecasted warm and sunny and I took advantage of getting Bruce out and about every day except Friday. I did manage to get the grub stuff down before the rain.


Bruce had dental appointment on Tuesday. There are some issues I have to think about and the Physiatrist called. Bruce will have more Botox end of the month and we will be taking this year's Medicare allowance of PT and OT in May. There are also some muscle issues that may need addressing. So much to think about and I really need to run all this by Mary Beth, but now is certainly not the time.


The whole weekend was then freed up to enjoy Bruce's birthday. We went to breakfast with our friends and had a great time. Grocery shopping of course. Nice long ride. We stopped at a beautiful Reservoir we love to watch a family running a remote control boat - great fun. Lots of fresh air, sunshine and someone getting in and out of the truck, so exercise. Next week to be warm and sunny and I hope to continue the celebration. Bruce is loving this and is at the top of his game cognitively. Phone conversations have been amazing.


Good week to all and yes, just maybe Spring has arrived. Debbie


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Happy Birthday Bruce.


I'd sing only you wouldn't hear me that far away. Have a great time celebrating and may there be photos of the happy event posted on the next blog please.



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happy birthday, glad Kira is better, and so sad to hear of your friends passing…..you guys do always have a lot going on…. and fantastic your neighbor took care of the plowing issue for you… yes we had our snow globe shook here as well…… grrrrr supposedly gonna be 65 degrees someday this week…. maybe dan will get out of bed..?

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Debbie :


Happy Birthday to Bruce & post pictures if you can. I am always amazed how much you do with Bruce, no wonder Bruce is progressing well.



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I was thinking of you two as we attended the first car show of the season yesterday. Talk about warm and sunny! Glad to hear you two got out and had a good time too. We have our anniversary and both our birthdays coming up in the next 30 days, so watch out! Plans already in progress.


And sorry to hear the bad news, which had to cast a pall over everything.

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Happy 64th Birthday Bruce, from me & Bob! I'm glad to hear Kira is better, I know that makes Bruce happy :)


I'm always so happy to read about Bruce's advancements, it's been an inspiration to Bob to keep working.


So sorry to hear about the loss of Scottie, a horrible thing :(

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Happy Birthday to Bruce ! So please that you are both able to get out and about. Please that Bruce is doing so well , I know that is you, well done to both of you!


Sorry about losing Scottie, losing a love one hurts, and when their are so young, my paryers are with you all.



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Happy Birthday young man I'm just now reading this Blog but I'm always late!!! So Belated Birthday to you. All the best and a bottle of good wine too!


Congrats on the UCONN final four men's basketball victory and I think the women's team will win too!

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