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Zanax Class 8!



So all the crap I had to deal with I had to change my Family Practitioner and she was not buying the Zanax prescription. I take extended release Zanax for my anxiety. Part or my side effects of my stroke. Well my first visit did not go well. She wanted me to take a pee test every week. Which I thought was excessive as I have been under care for the last seven years. She then recanted to every month. And gave me examples of some 80 year old man that would give his prescriptions away. I told her I could not function without them. I am not very proud of that but it is very true, My work environment is very busy and noisy so I would have an extreme problem dealing with that. When I left I would have to take a pee test every month. (she did not look at my record) when she actually did she called my wife and said I only needed to come in every 3 months to refill the prescription. No drug test, She finally read my history. Finally. I do not like the fact that I have to take medication for my condition. But it works and it keeps me working. She was crying ( the doctor) . So I have had a pretty interesting week, dealing with my Dad, and dealing with my stuff. Everything turned out ok. but it has been very interesting. Chalk it up to a day in the Life!



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It's probably not about you, the doctors are very stingy and skittish lately about controlled substances. Can you go to a specialist (psychiatry or whatever) they are a lot more lenient since that is their field and the government won't question them as much about how much they prescribe overall.


Unfortunately,the more you push, the more they assume you are addicted. You have to be as nonchalant as you can be, from what I see with my husband. What did you say to make her cry, that's sort of funny actually. I wish I had that power, I'm usually the one crying if it comes to it.

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