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Life with Paralysis is difficult but I'm slowly making some progress



This life of paralysis is very difficult! I'm sad and being treated for depression. I had been feeling more positive last week while my mother-in-law was visiting. I love her.She encouraged and helped me to be more motivated with doing my exercises and with trying to do more tasks on my own but since she left here to return home (3 hours away, in another state), I miss her terribly and have come to realize (that living with men -hubby- and -son- and having no sisters or daughters, nor mother) how very much I am in need of female companionship. Now that my mother-in-law is gone from my home, the house and my life feel a bit empty.


However, this post won't be all negative and 'woe is me' as I do have some positive accomplishments to tell since my last post. A few weeks ago, I was finally able to put on my AFO (Ankle and Foot Orthotic)and shoe without assistance which enables me to be totally independent with dressing myself each day and also means that I no longer need to awaken my hubby for assistance should I require a middle of the night trip to the bathroom (luckily for me, that doesn't happen often-it can take 20 minutes to put on the AFO and shoes and arm sling(all required for me to walk).


Three nights last week I was able to prepare dinner(supper) for my family with minimal assistance (this made me happy beyond belief)! It was tiring standing at the stove top but was nice to hear my hubby joyfully say 'Look at you; you're cooking!' and my son say 'Mom, it's cool seeing you cooking again.'


Another accomplishment: I went grocery shopping with hubby and his mom (I used one of those motorized shopping carts. I had a blast! At one point, while motoring around, I looked up at hubby with a huge smile on my face and said, 'I'm shopping!' Hubby said it made his heart happy seeing me so happy. Are you wondering what meals I prepared? For those of you who know me personally, you can probably guess which favorites I made... Sausage soup, one night. Lasagna another night and one Weight-Watchers recipe that we all enjoy...pork chops with a spicy Dijon mustard sauce. On one other night I made a sweet-and-sour sauce to accompany a stir-fry dish my hubby made. I can't share my soup or pork chop recipes but I can give you the link to the sweet and sour sauce. It was quite good. I found it at About.com: http://chinesefood.about.com/od/sauces/r/sweetandsour.htm


That's all I have for today. Thanks for reading my blog.


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Most or perhaps many of us survivors got paralysis on one side, my left side, but that don't slow me down. I use my scooter, my cane and I drive anywhere I want or need to go. So keep on keeping on Rose you the Lady!!!!

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hi Rose :


reading your blogs made me so happy. I can tell you this from my personal experience. more you will do it for yourself & your family easier it will get & faster it will become. I find cooking, cleaning anything I can do for myself & my family serves two fold purpose it makes me feel useful & it is one less of work for hubby to worry about or do. Soon you will get used to this new normal & won't feel bad about your life.



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Great news Rose. Thank you for sharing. One small step. So glad you enjoyed your mother-in-law's visit. Just remember all you did with her and now, all that you can share with her upon her return. Good going!

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Glad you had such a nice visit with mother-in-law and I am amazed you get along that well with MIL! LOL!


The scooter at stores are a blast! I started doing that a couple weeks after I came home from the hospital. We like to go to Meijer or Wal-mart. You can buy groceries and anything else at 1 store. In the middle of winter, me, my husband and 2 kids went to wal-mart to buy groceries, ended up eating at subway ,so I didn't keep having to get in and out of the van.


Congrats on getting the AFO and shoe on!!! I can do it myself also, but it takes probably 25 to 30 minutes. Most of the time I just have hubby do it faster! My OT therapist, asked me--why, are you in a hurry? or going somewhere every day, of course, the answer is no and she just keeps telling me, the more you practice, the better you will be LOL!


The cooking dinner is wonderful improvement and I am sure your son and husband enjoyed that!


Thanks for sharing your blog and giving us an update!

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Hi Rose, loved reading your blog. I used to go on the scooters, in the stores, watch out here I come! I was a terror!


It is great to have a mother-in-law that you get along with. i loved mine, she was a wonderful person, who took me as her daughter. I miss her so much.


The more you help in the house you feel useful. I love when I cook and my husband face lights up, and he tell's me " baby you did good" I grow ten feet tall! walking on clouds LOL.


Keep up the good work Rose



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