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Just some added stress



Truck drama…. I sold my beloved truck last year and have to replace it. That is if i want to pull my Airstream this summer. But it has been very stressful. My BIL owns a car lot and sells trucks as Fleet sales. So I am able to "twist" the system a little and get the fleet discount for my personal truck.( Better then employee pricing) So I ordered one. I started the process about three months ago. And it looks like in another month I should have it delivered. So I get on all the truck websites and read about delays, parts shortage, recalls to factory….. just a little hype right now. Not to mention how much these things cost, and of course I am a little OCD, second guess kind of guy. I live in Ohio and I have to pick the truck up in Atlanta. I talked to the sales guy today, he actually surprised me and said he would pick me up at the airport with my truck. So he is going to drive my brand new crew cab dually to the Atalanta airport. Now of course I am thinking the worst. Only time will tell.



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Terry: this is so exciting, but yes, you have had way too much time to think about it - LOL.

So you will be driving it back to Ohio?


We will need pix if you can and do let us know. Nothing like a new vehicle and all the bells and whistles I am sure. When you hook the RV up and hit the road the true celebration will begin! Debbie

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Well that be a road trip! Like Debbie said, we want pics, and it will be a great time. Stop worrying, and go and have a ball!


Look out Atlanta, here comes Mr. Ohio!



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