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Kind of like a legacy. Your gone and what you leave is memories. : ) I will have plenty. I want it that way. Some good…. some…. well, maybe not as good. But still some story to tell. I have been very unpredictable after my stroke. My family has always stood by me. From my anger of having a stroke, myself dealing with the deficits of the stroke and my own acceptance. My family has always stood by my side, even when it was'nt very pretty. I am by no means an angel. Sometimes I do fall from the sky, but one thing is certain….. for some reason I have plenty of people that care about me. I am not complaining just sometimes can't believe they are always behind me. Got some funny stories and some not so funny stories. My granddaughter just got done with a little visit tonight. She was born on my birthday. :) We were talking tonight while I was grilling out. She was talking about her other grandfather and ( he passed away from a stroke) she asked me why I quit smoking. ( She is a very smart 8 year old) I said, because of you. I told her the doctor told me I would not live past her 3rd year in school if I did not quit. I told her I quit then, because I want to see her past the 3rd grade. : ) Who knows…. I hope for more, almost 7 years and still counting. Just kinda bittersweet tonight. I guess I should't have to worry about the 7 years and still counting, but I'll take what i can get…….


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You have family who love you and have stood by you through thick and thin -- you are one "wealthy" man in all the right ways… And if god was looking for perfection he would have just kept it to him and the angels.. But enter us humans who are not perfect - but we love by choice … as your family loves you and they you… nancyl

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