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Larry's TUMT Procedure



Larry finally had his procedure for his enlarged prostate. We decided on the TUMT which uses "microwave energy" to destroy excess prostate tissue blocking the urine flow. I chose this, along with the urologist, as it is the least invasive and is done in the uro's office. There are many surgeries for this type of problem but I thought with Larry's condition, risk, etc., it was the best for him at this point. He had taken meds for this for a few years and they were not working.


The procedure took about 1 1/2 hours encluding the prep. Larry was given a sedative, pain med and antibiotic at the time of the procedure. The uro said he did well and Larry said he did not feel much discomfort. He was "out of it" tho with the meds, and I was happy I had someone to help me get him from the car to bed when we got home. While I was on the phone, he tried to get out of bed thinking he needed to use the urinal and fell on a nearby chair. Luckily, he did not hit the floor and was okay. He had to wear a catheter for 5 days. This was the hardest part as Larry was having spasms from wearing the cath. The spasms soon got further apart but a lot for poor Larry to endure. I was shown how to remove the catheter before we went to the uro's. We went back to the Uro's Monday. No one told me I had to remove it 4 hours prior. So, we went to the uro and he could not pee. We were told to wait for another 1 1/2 hours or so to try again. No go, even after I had him drink more. I had Jim (my home helper) with me and he had to get back home to his next client. We went home and Larry finally was able to go. If he could not, we would have to go back to the uro and have the catheter put back in. : (


So, so far he is doing well. He did not have pain urinating, blood in urine or an infection. He does have some retention and I am watching what goes in and comes out. They say it may take weeks for the body to absorb the tissue so we will not know just yet how much improvement will come. Hopefully, this will help. I researched this and talked to the uro many times. There are no perfect solutions. I thank my friend Debbie on here for walking me through this. As I told the uro, I am not a nurse, just a caregiver, and some of these things I did not know how to handle. The instructions they give do not answer all that may happen.


So, Larry is stronger and doing better now. I was happy he could walk to the car Monday as he was so weak he could not even walk before. The poor guy has been through so much but hardly complains.




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Hi Julie, please that Larry is doing okay, thank goodness. Yes he has been through alot, good that he has you for suppost. Both of you take care.



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Julie: you are welcome. I was happy to help out. For all of us caregivers, it is never as simple as driving them there and taking them home, even with good instruction.


We have talked often of Specialists not considering the "whole" picture. "I deal with the pee and that is it." Never mind a stroke victim and the deficits caused by that.


Plus all the preparation: picking up the meds and getting them on board, on time; stopping any meds that need to be put on hold; paying the bills, food preparation; getting help lined up if needed. Anything that affects a stroke victim also affects the caregiver. That is also why it is so important we share with each other.


Larry is making a remarkable recovery. And yes, hugs and kisses to him because he is a trooper. I am happy he made improvement every day and really worked hard to get his stamina back, back to normal.


You are doing great, Flo! (LOL). I do hope you have some time out planned for you next week. Consider having Jim come in and NOT doing errands. Maybe just a few hours for Julie. Debbie

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we caregivers get mistakes all the time for nurses…. and the "complicate is nice" it does leave holes in instruction simply because they think we "know" when we don't --- i to am fortunate we have people to call on when needed…and for me it has been ethyl ( debbie) , my girlfriend wendy and even a doc who has talked me through things - how, why etc. in a way i can understand - what and why things have happened …. tell Larry stay in bed ( or wait for you) , another fall he does not need .. but like all on here sometimes the urgency or the idea takes precedence over the "what could happen"…. Jules -- Larry is lucky to have you , and he knows just as my Dan knows… Hang tight your doing terrific !!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for all the nice responses/support above. Larry is doing well so far. I intend to get him out today. Our weather has been great - 80 for high today. However, we are getting cooler temps next week. My daughter comes in from Michigan Wednesday so hope the weather improves. I will still enjoy seeing her.



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Julie, blessings for Larry, I got the same condition but the medication I get from the VA is working just fine in my case. I take Finasteride and Tamsulosin at bed time and have been on that for at least 6 years!!! At night I don't pee much, less than half a urinal full and I have no problems.


They did say long ago I may need the operation if this medicine doesn't work but it is working fine. However I can't take it on nights we plan on having sex!!! It prevents having an erection!!

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Thanks Fred for your input. I'm glad the meds are working for you. Larry tried the med similar to Finasteride - Avodart, but it did not work for him. He was also on Oxybutynin, and it was not working after a while either. Larry had to get up several times at night. Meds work differently for everyone. Larry's uro still wants him to take the Doxazocin. I hope this all will work!



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