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Spring is here - or is it?? lol We live in a tornado region and this week has been exciting to say the least Lucy (cat) got me up Thursday at 5 a.m. The weather radio was screeching off a warning. The storm was over us and then passed to the east where a tornado hit. Luckily, no one hurt. All day Thursday Channel 5 had the weather on. There are mostly storm warnings, but these they say can produce tornados. I have to get Larry prepared so he can hobble down the basement steps. The storms stayed away from our area but we had lots of rain and some small hail. Friday was clear but very windy.


In addition to all the weather happenings, I was due to have some home repairs and had to add a leak in the basement at the last minute. It was a small stream of water coming from the pipes connected to our dishwasher. When my handyman came, he checked it out and said he would come back the next day with more tools and see where the leak was coming from. I could not use the kitchen water so washed dishes in the bathroom. lol He ended up fixing everything on my list. He had to pull out the dishwasher, pull the backing off the back of that to get to the pipe. Luckily he was able to fix it and everything is good again. I am so lucky to know him as he can fix anything, he leaves no mess and is reasonable.


Larry has been fighting a cold for a month. The nose keeps dripping, and throat and head congested. I took him to the doctor twice in 3 weeks, had a chest X-Ray (which was clear) and he went through two scripts of antibiotics. He now is a little better but it is still hanging on. I was so afraid this would turn into pneumonia! I feel sorry for him as he has used up tons of kleenex and doesn't feel all that great. He is to have a procedure (TUMT) April 16th to get rid of the excess prostate tissue due to an enlarged prostate. The meds do not help and he has had this for some years now. This is right before Easter weekend so that is not the best time. But with the uro's schedule and my daughter coming the end of April, I just went with that date. I have put it off too long due to other procedures I have had to have.


Larry seems to have slipped due to his cold, the weather this winter, lack of exercise and all his health issues. I have to watch so he doesn't fall due to his weak leg, watch so he doesn't choke or aspirate when eating, make sure he eats something!; and now watch so his cold doesn't turn into pneumonia.

He has not fallen for over 8 months and has not been in the hospital since his blood clot in 2010 in his left leg. (I watch that too).


I am just waiting for the warm weather to come so I can get Larry out more. I have several places I plan to take him. So, hopefully, like the song says "the sun will come out tomorrow".


I hope and pray for a blessed Easter and happy spring for everyone.




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Ray's nose has been dripping terribly the last month or so too, but I'm pretty sure it's allergies. It's that time of year again! He has four different prescriptions (two pills and two sprays) and when he takes them, it clears up for the day. Unfortunately he doesn't like to use them, and he too has been noticeably congested for a month or two. Another concern to add to the list.

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the sun will always come out, maybe not even tomorrow but it will.

I also have a cat named lucy would you believe. a calico cat. my friend and companion.


best wishes to you and larry and lucy!



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Jule i had a thought - thinking about all the tornado stuff you end up with … to get larry down the stairs a bit faster….. now don't anyone laugh -- but why about a toboggan type of situation and a pulley to slow the speed .. lots of modifying but a thought….. i am still dwelling on the question that sara from AZ had in chat about getting her man into water…. and was kinda thinking those lines for her … just a random thought… nancyl

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Thanks Nancy. I think if I can just get Larry to the steps and close the door, we would be protected by the stairwell and walls going down. I wish there was a way to have him slide down but it would have to be secure or he would go head over teapot. He could slide down with me then piggyback if it were secure. lol


I know I shoud not joke about things and brag about Larry not falling. As soon as I wrote his, he almost fell this morning. He is weak when he first gets up. I waited for him to get up and then was watching the news. I turn around and he is at the door to the hall instead of waiting for me. He was going down. I held him up and then got him 3 feet more to the lift chair. I turned it around while holding him and he made it to the chair! Lucky! I had 911 in my mind. His leg is alseep sometimes and weak on getting up. This is a good reminder to him to exercise. He was allright the rest of the day and we even went to visit my son. I worry that I help him too much and worry that I am always there.



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Bob is also having a terrible time, but I know it is not a cold. He does a lot of sneezing, but no coughing. He sneezes, nose runs like mad, and his eyes are beet red - which is helped by eyedrops.


I do have Bob walk with me using a gait belt, and do not encourage him to walk without me. He is a huge fall risk, that isn't likely to change. I'm so thankful he can walk with the gait belt for short trips, like to another room, and we do that everyday to keep him mobile. But he can't go somewhere and walk around. Early on he fell and hurt himself bad enough that I was afraid his hip was broken, and I was terrified, as that would have meant the end of our life together. I do everything to protect what we have, and prevent falls, so we can go on living together at home.

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