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I'm In Texas The Heat Is On About 80 Degrees (Spring is Here)



No longer waiting for warmer weather it's here in full force like 80 degrees today and much more coming our way day and night! That means the time has come to run the central A/C and pay the big bills to stay cool in your home!!!!


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In Florida it is 81 up to 90! So we are runing our A/c strong, please that we got it, some people have none. We drove up to Georiga this afternoon, my husbands daughter is getting married, the weather is not so hot, and I brought shorts and short slevees! Wow!



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Guest lwisman


I'm jealous Fred! It is in the 60s here. We expect lots of rain and temps in 50s and 60s next week. The good news is that it is not hot enough for a/c or cold enough for heat. That saves! Take care and enjoy the heat.



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It seems the rest of the country is having really rough weather with tornadoes, hail, and strong winds blowing down trees! I think all of that weather will pass us by in my neck of the woods here in Texas!!!!

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