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New Desktop Computer With Windows 8.1



I finally broke down and got me a new computer with windows 8.1 instead of windows 7 which I was pretty used to operating that. This windows 8. is a bit different for my little brain. Typing and responding here on Strokenet is a lot easier now without having to type every word twice. Now I'm still trying to find the spell checker like I had on the other computer but no luck yet. I hate to pay a guy 90 dollars to come out and put one on here. So I'm still looking for the brand I had before that was totally free!! Some of them you have to type what you want checked or paste it in a box and I hate those kinds.. It's a waste of time to me..


One time long ago there was a spell checker on Strokenet but with the many upgrades over the past three years it's gone! On my other computer when I tried to spell check the whole sentence or line would disappear never to be located again. With that I'm afraid to try it on this computer so far. I sure thought it was just this site one time since I could write a letter to my daughter and no problems ever!! But no one else was having the problems I was having not even when they used their ipads!!


Of course at my age I am not a computer operator in any sense of the knowledge it takes to really under all they can do for any person to make writing easier and fun! I was in a personnel shop in the Army using an electric Underwood typewriter with it's own correction tape for mistakes before computers were available in most personnel offices throughout the Army personnel offices! By the time I retired most offices had a lower ranking soldier to do all the personnel typing of letters, messages, orders, rosters and the things I had to do before they made that change of duties.


About that time was when my commander told me department of the Army said I couldn't get promoted anymore because I had a P3 profile restricting me from that job of typing. I had ten years in grade and been doing the job all that time even in Vietnam until I got shot while out on a patrol delivering mail to my troops that was very isolated in an outpost. We never made it and was ambushed with some men killed!!!! That's why the mail from and too those units were not getting to our headquarters in a timely manner! We should have had an escort that day but we didn't. The top brass bosses thought it would be a safe trip but it was anything but that!!! Then the cover up started and none of them were ever charged.


I enjoy using this computer just need to learn windows 8.1 a lot better but that will come with time. I'm using google chrome just for Strokenet and I think that makes things work a lot easier too!! Oh it's a HP model with lots of memory I got from fingerhut.. Probably the best computer I ever used. It's a charm compared to what I was using and I enjoy typing a word just one time.


Hope I get better with time because that other one gave me headaches. I may even try to chat again soon it's been sooo long since I been in chat but I'll look around and figure it out what I have to do to get in the room again!! Until then and by the time I get my spell checker I'll be ready to chat and Blog every week too!!!


Wish me well I'll be trying again soon!!


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Fred, good to see you blog any time and I hope you can get into chat so you can give others the benefit of your wisdom. You have been a wonderful friend to so many on here and I am sure the newbies would enjoy your company.

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Fred :


I use window 7 though I am sure microsoft word document has spell checker in it. have you tried F7 key. usually thats the one for spell checking in microsoft word document. BTW for me any time I get stuck on doing something google is my best friend. Hope you can join chatroom soon. every one will be benefited with your wisdom. BTW easy way to spell check now in window 7 & up is when there is error in your spelling it will get underlined with red line. just go over it & right click over it you will get pop window with all right spelling suggestions, click on the one which is right & vola you got your spell check



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That's what I thought but when I right click the whole line was disappearing but I will figure one out that works pretty easy, thanks Asha!!

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ur very brave fred! I now have windows 7 and it is ok and am looking for a new laptop but do not want a new learning curve, I am a true coward and looking for one with windows 7. by the way as asha said on my machine spell errors are underlined in red. mine words same as asha.


perhaps windows 8 has better voice recognition. and is the switch to 8 an advantage for you? maybe I should not be such a coward.



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Hi Fred, enjoy your new computer. I got one and it is window7. Asha was correct about spelling. i am still trying to work out how to put photo's on the internet, waiting on my son to come and show me!



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