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My Life's Appreciations For My Accomplishments And My Mother



Well my new computer is on line and working really good even more than I know how to operate it with windows 8.1.....So I thought I would state some of my appreciations, accomplishments, and the great advise my mother gave me growing up as her 18th child!!! I can't imagine any woman today having that many children with one husband!!!!


In my early age I was a good kid being raised up alone while my closest siblings to me were a set of twin girls six years ahead of me. So I only had my mom to listen to for advise in doing the right things as a young kid.... This all came to me the last couple days when a 16 year old with two knifes at high school attacked his class mates....


I finished high school as a very poor kid with two pair jeans, three shirts, and a pair of high top tennis shoes. There was no money to be had growing up very poor. I picked cotton to get my first and only bicycle at age 14 when school was out during the summers. My mother got a check from the government for 16 dollars a month. She never had a job outside the home. My father was 20 odd years older than my mom and she was 43 when I was born in 1941. He passed when I was 14 in 1955!!!


He basically were a farm worker with all his older kids (boys) until they grew up and left home. Many of them went to the service but I'm the only one that retired with 22 years of service in 1978 after returning from Baumholder Germany with a total of 14 years there on several tours. That tour gave me the opportunity to finish my college degree while I worked in personnel in my Army unit...


My daughter was born in Munich Germany in 1964. Then a son was born here at Fort Hood Texas in 1966... Had I not listen to my mom I may have ended up in jail or prison running with the wrong crowd of boys so I'm glad I listen to mom! She told me one day "If you end up in jail running with them boys and they mothers don't get you out, you will just be there, I will not spend a dime to get you out."


So the next week I went and joined the Army and all those boys are dead long time ago before I retired from the Army in 1978!!!! My mom told me don't have sex with the girl I married until I know I want her to be my wife. We got married in 1960 two years after I joined the Army!!!


After my Vietnam tour she was a different woman so we were divorced after I left the hospital in San Francisco and was able to walk again on my own. I got married again and orders for another tour in Germany where she left two years after being there!!! So as I stated earlier I retired and got married again for the third time in Houston, my hometown...


Now I'm in my fourth and final marriage which has been wonderful for the last 16 plus years! I wish this had been the first, she is a keeper for sure and this is the longest time I been married. I think she was God sent from New Orleans to Fort Hood Texas for me??? I'm a happy stroke survivor for the last ten years of my life... I really feel by listening to my mother my life has been pretty good overall!!


My life's appreciations and my accomplishments following mothers advise is golden. Retiring from the Army, the US Postal Service, and owning my own Bowling Pro Shop business for 10 years until the stroke I survived is something I say "Thank God" daily for when I see on TV all the young people getting in trouble and going to jail or prison for life!!!


When you see my picture on here you are looking at a man that has been through hell for the most part but now has a chance to enjoy the life I always wanted to have with the woman in my life I love so dearly with her love in return!!! I just woke up this morning with all this on my mind and had to put it into words and this Blog. So, no bragging just being thankful for life when I could have been dead three times already!!


Once in Vietnam, once with third wife who shot me, then the stroke 10 years ago I survived!!! I have a sense of humor and trust in the Lord daily for my understandings of life!!! I thank you in advance if you happen to read this blog for your comments!!! I take life as it comes with a positive attitude I try to relate to others along the way!!!


"You can make it if you try"


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FRED -- you really have had a interesting life….. wow .. shot by a wife… and lightning strike ( stroke) --- your are one tough guy…nancyl

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Thanks Nancy, I try, I guess the Army made me a tough guy in some ways so I didn't try to hurt myself more when the stroke happened to me! I'm above ground knowing He said "I will go and prepare a place for you then come back and receive you.".


I just think my place is not prepared yet, the Lord only knows!!! Even our animals go to heaven because two fat cats were having a talk last week saying it was so great in Heaven that they got meals on wheels, the mouse was on roller skates!!!!!

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I love your attitude Fred. Not an easy life for sure but you keep going. Congratulations and good luck. I wish you a long happy life now that you have found happiness.





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Good attitude Fred. I sometimes think kids these days have too much given to them. They do not know how to earn their way. Also, your faith has kept you strong. You deserve whatever good comes your way.



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wow fred with a story like that you are certainly determine to make it and knowing your fred you will make it god bless you fred you just keep on tring you have the courage and the streangth to make it and you cerysainly deserve it fred you have taught us a lot about faith and how best to be determine god bless you fred

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you are one lucky guy fred! and your mother helped you find the luck. why can I not stop laughing at the "..mouse". thank you for sharing my friend.


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Fred, my life has been an adventure in other ways. I was a migrant child, came to Australia when I was seven, led a good life, three children, seven grandchildren, married 44 years. Yes, God is good. The strokes Ray had were a curse in one way and a blessing in many ways including meeting so many wonderful people on Strokenet. God sure works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.


Make the most of the blessings on your journey Fred. Heaven can wait.

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Fred: wonderful story. No, your work here is not yet done, certainly. I love your outlook and attitude. Thank you so much for sharing. Debbie

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I enjoyed your story Fred. Thanks for sharing :)

You are truly blessed! One, to have God in your life, the wisdom of your mother, plus a wonderful wife!!

Your great attitude will bring you far in life


*Keep Looking Up*

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Interesting life and interesting gentleman! I love reading your stories and they always bring a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing your stories and blessings!

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You all know life is what it is for the most part and life with a stroke well we deal with that too and I keep thinking sometimes the stroke may be the reason we are still alive and here!!


I keep thinking I could have walked out the door of the bowling center after closing my Pro Shop with my bank bag of earnings for the day and got robbed and even shot to death!! So the stroke may have saved my life, I'll never know!!


I walked into a bank and met my now wife whom I feel was God sent to me from New Orleans with an escort or messenger to deliver her to Killeen Texas!! 16 years we are very much still together making a life for ourselves in peace! Now our home is paid off she is still at the bank and we bought it in 2000 when I opened the Pro Shop with money from that bank!! I got disability pay for life tax free so God was in the plan for our lives!!!! I'm one happy stroke survivor!!! I get in home therapy started next week as a disable Vet!!.

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Loved your story Fred. You were right to listen to your mother, she knew best. My cousin got her son into the air force, she saw his friends doing nothing, just rushing towards their graves.


Please that you are so happyly married ! Yes God send her. He takes care of his children.


Keep the faith! God is good



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