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Getting On With Life And A New Desktop Computer In A Few Days!!!



Well folks I hadn't realized my last blog was in late March! I got tied up in getting my Federal Taxes done on time then the shooting again here at Fort Hood, Texas that brought our commander in Chief and first Lady to our town today! Then I bought another desktop computer but had to finish my taxes before hooking up and using my new one which I have to get a computer geek to do tomorrow sometime.


A new rehab and therapy will start seeing me tomorrow three times a week they said... That should take care of some aches and pain in my body This old computer has seen it's best days. It just took me 15 miues to type this much!???


IRS got my taxes I did today so I am glad I got that out the way and due a refund this year instead of paying! A week ahead of 15 April deadline! I will no doubt be off line until I get the new computer hooked up and running It has windows 8. This one is real old working on chrome and out of date driver for everything....


Hopefully I'm back on line by Easter time!!!!


Happy Easter to all of you!!!!!!!


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Happy Easter to you too. Hope you like your new computer. I have the dinasaur here with Windows XP and Microsoft no longer supports it. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get a new one like you some day.



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I just finished my tax filing too. I really hate doing taxes! It's a huge relief to be finished with that, huh?


How exciting to have a new computer;best of luck with that. Here's hoping that it's blistering fast with processing for you.

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Guest lwisman




I thought about you yesterday when I happened upon the memorial at Ft Hood. What a sad case.


Congrats on the new computer. Hope it works out for you. New computers are always a headache, but worth it. Things always work much better after everything is finally setup.


I have my taxes done also. Lucky you to get a refund! I had to pay Federal this year. I had a refund from the state, but it was credited for next year. I already got it back with my first quarter estimated taxes that are also paid. I know you don't have state income tax in Texas. But, we have the extended medicaid in Illinois as well as other programs.. It is worth it to pay taxes so the bills can be paid. We are in the worse financial state of any state. It will be interesting to see all the parts for handling that one. The cause is mismanagement over manly many years. Can't blame the current administration !


Take care.

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