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Tie ring on Medicare



Tie ring is the term that means that you want copayment reduction on your medicine.Most people do not even know that they can request a copayment reduction

1. The drug must be on the forulary.

2. It cannot be on the highest tier or specialty tier. Most plans have 4 tiers.

3. In order for the request to be considered there has to be at one drug on the tier below that it canbecompared to. this is where it gets complicated if there are many drugs on the tier below then each of the has to be addressed.

4. I would suggest that you call the insurance-company and find out all of the details. This is a time consuming process. The easier you can make it for your doctor the better.

5. Ask if tiering is eligible and what drugs need to be addressed. Give this information to your doctor.

6. Non formulary drugs can be approved for insurance coverage. The are not eligible for tiering. But they will be cheaper than paying cash




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hey little lady, how is William doing these days?///// I see you are still at your job and probably almost a year by now??


Anyway I order so few drugs from or by other doctors I probably couldn't use this formula with two insurance companies??


I hope to pay a visit to you and William pretty soon!!

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