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DMV- who had more fun than us?



Today was Bruce's evaluation for PT for his 2014 allowance. We drew the first PT he had at this Outpatient Clinic. There are no wrong choices here and we have worked with all of them. But it was nice to have her back and see what she thinks after four years. Of course we saw her often and she checked in, but nothing like hands on. Bruce will be working on independent transfers and stairs.


It is obvious to all of us that Bruce has no interest in walking. Truly in our small house, it is really safer he not walk, but he does want to get to his office - 4 steps and start and do some work down there. No, he will not be independent doing stairs, but it would be nice if I could help him down there (no TV) and let him just enjoy his books, computer and maybe write again. Still any tune-up is good, especially this time of year.


Kira continues to hang in there. She is a very strong little girl. Has good and bad days, but the positive here is that we are so low key and quiet. If she is short of breath and insists on following me, I just sit a bit with her until she falls asleep-her breathing eases with sleep-then slide her off onto the couch and she will sleep for a good bit.


I took the day off from work and since the weather was perfect, we planned to do DMV after therapy. In cleaning out the house I found a lot of old license plates I wanted to return. But more important was the Handicap Placard. Bruce's license and Handicap Placard expired April 30. With everything going on here, we did not have time until today. And Officer, if you want to write a ticket to the little old lady loading a WC and a 200lb man in and out of her truck, go for it. And in the meantime, could you help me load the WC? LOL


Connecticut changed its Handicap Placard laws starting January this year. Apparently the Lifetime stickers doubled in two years, so now everyone with a Lifetime has to re-apply and renewal is in six years. I spoke with a lot of you here. And Connecticut was the exception. All of you I spoke with had to renew the Placards within a certain amount of time.


So this works with the renewal of your license. Obviously Bruce could not renew his license, so he had to go to a CT photo ID, then have his Doctor sign the Handicap form and he is good to go for six years.


Now lets break this down. Brand new policy, started January 2014. All new forms - designed, printed and distributed. And not really five months into the new program - the forms are not complete! How does this happen? In addition to surrendering his license, two forms of ID, SS card, filled out application and $22.50 he needs two envelopes mailed to him to assure his residence!


Now this is for the gold star ID. I asked three times what that meant. Finally a supervisor was called over and another program is going into effect in 2018 that requires proof of residence. Well, I will deal with that in 2018 or whenever this has to be done again - LOL.


In the meantime, the monitor telling one what number is being served where, goes down. The paging system is probably good, except there are at least 47 screaming toddlers in the building. The woman next to us is at least 70 and 3 ft tall. The self-serve camera ain't going to work for her. Her son is trying and they miss their call. Son goes to our desk and the employee apparently needs to talk over the screaming toddlers and the paging system to announce to the room that the lady and her son missed their number! I did not move from the window for her to call the next number, so really what did it matter? Little Dolly in one booth waited on two license renewals - simpliest thing there is - in 40 minutes. What is her job? Looking good? Apparently I annoyed our employee by not moving aside so she could make more of a spectical of the poor little old lady and her son, so then starts shouting "the man in the WC was late and now I am messed up and have this other issue". OMG!


I will probably respond to all of this with the State at some point. At least an in-service in customer service is in order. And there was a very helpful employee who was kind of triaging all of us, on her break mind you. Oh and the Information officer at the back door, stepped out of his booth and pocketed his ID. Apparently he needed an off the clock break. Are you kidding me? There were people waiting for at least an hour before Bruce and I sat down and we got off easy with only an hour and a half.


But on a personal level. And Jamie, I thank you here because Bruce usually does very well in crowds, like the casino. But then, Bruce is concentrating on Bruce things. Sitting and watching all of this really took its toll on him. The sensory input and no filter of being able to do his own thing, go off to a quiet place or the room. He had a sandwich when we got home and went down for a nap for two hours! Even tonight he was still "off" and went to bed early. Still, again without advice from here I might not have understood what was going on. Debbie


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Oh man! That would have done me in! Good that Bruce has you and you both got through it. Go, team Sparks!

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wow -- yuhear about the chaos at other states licensing divisions - but until you have really seen it and felt it , you don't think it is for real…. However I trust you with our lives … so i will believe you.. here in all honesty one has to wait maybe 20 min max… but if you time it ( and i am sure ms. debbie did) one here in jamestown we can be in and out in 10 mins… i met a guy the other day ( through a mutual friend) we had went to a wine tasting charity thing… how i got dan to go i still don't know and he wouldn't try a thing , but it was a social outing anyhow .. and this guy i had met was there we visited and wade and dan tooled around.. ( wade pushes dans chair) anyhow this guy is one of those rare people who "get it" -- i don't have to explain much to him about our lives.. at some point i could tell dan wanted to go but as i said wade pushing dan is a ideal situation so i didn't want to go just that moment … after a few more minutes of visiting i figured time to go… so i made my excuses to the guy who said so honestly ( and i have thought it myself) there is only so much one can take of looking at everyones crotches and ass's …. simple vulgar truth … i always try to find that secluded area for dan and i to avoid that .. odd that this guy picked up on it immediately.. i am sure at some point he will share the "rest of the story" … but it is reality for our wheel chair people… and nice sometimes others "get it" --- like our debbie protecting the lil old lady… geez… nancyl

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Last time in DMV we were there about three hours, so don't feel too bad! Some employees are nice which sort of makes up for most of them. They have a number paging system here but they are all preceded by a letter, which means something but not sure what, so you still don't know. Probably have a visit in the near future and dreading it....Ray insists on going with me but then is so agitated the whole time, like they will let us cut in line. Not going to happen in this place! At least they have benches to sit on now, instead of standing in line like the old days.


Our handicapped plaque comes from town hall, good for five or six years whatever the max is, but there you are in and out in minutes. Ours is good to 2016.

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Well I guess I have something to look forward to. NOT! Larry would not be able to sit that long. The license place is 10 min away so I will see what I need and when the shorter waiting time will be.



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WOW, maybe a change in the bedroom or another room would do the trick in setting up enough space for a desk, etc to make an office without the four steps down to where it is now??? I say that because my desk is only 4 feet from my bed and I very seldom go downstairs during the day or night for that matter.


I do have the stair lift the VA put in for the 16 steps which saves me from having a spill and I can carry things in my lap when no one is home but me and the dog!! Good luck with everything!!!

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Thank you Fred, but that is not going to happen. Everything in these four small rooms is set up for Bruce's convenience in the WC - including the kitchen. His laptop is on his table-he never opens it and won't as long as the infamous TV is available. The staircase is extra wide with side rails both sides, his office is ceramic tile and accomodates the WC just fine. I am not bringing up his desk, four walls floor to ceiling of books that he may or may not look at.

I don't know what brought this on, but if he truly wants it, he will have to work for it. No Debbie making it easy this time around.

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The really frustrating part of all of this was Nook Nurse downloaded this whole program for me when I got the notice, including the required forms of identification. You had to have two, I brought all six. When the Clerk asked me for two pieces of mail addressed to Bruce, I took out the requirements list and said to her "where on here does it say two pieces of addressed mail?" That was when we got into the "Gold Star" issue. I said to her you do understand I have to know what that is before I can respond to it and that is when we needed the Supervisor. So I am supposed to have this but you can not tell me why.


I said to the Supervisor "I have all six forms of identification listed on your requirements. I have his SS card, his expired license. I have snacks - he is a diabetic. I have water. I have Depends, a urinal, a change of clothing, wipes (yes, Nancy, I remembered them-LOL), two magazines, two newspapers, his reading glasses and a change of shoes. (Bruce had been in his AFO since six am and not knowing how long we would be, wasn't sure if he would need to change out of it). I have my POA and my marriage certificate - certified. But no, I did not bring the mail." OR THE KITCHEN SINK

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I remember going to DMV while Ray was still in the hospital for something or other, and they were so nasty I just started crying. Not hysterically, I just teared up, which I tend to do anyway. Then the lady told me her husband had had a stroke and she was REALLY nice to me after that. Hey, I'm not too proud to pull any punches I can; it worked!

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I went to the DMV office for my handicap sticker, and it took 10min! thank goodness. i got it last year and it needs renewable in 2015. People just dont get it. They dont use their common sences, and just because they are in a "good job", we think they have some Not! I do get away with things because of my english accent, and they just love to hear me talk like Colleen says you use what you can, and no shame in my game!



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