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There is always Hope



Well, Spring is finally, definitely upon us. Everything is blooming and the colors are fantastic. I am reminded often of when our friend from New Mexico (high desert) visited last year and said he was always amazed at how "green" everything is!


My SNF had its annual State survey last week. That is always stressful and longer hours for me. Then it rained most of this week, so needless to say, we are well backed up with errands. I have yet to deal with Bruce's handicap sticker which expired April 30. Hey if they want to give the little old lady, lifting a WC in and out of her truck at ticket, so be it. I have to get Bruce to the DMV first for a photo ID. Both vehicles need oil changes; emissions for the Honda and whatever makes that Maintenance light go on - LOL. Probably the gas cap!


Family is off this weekend for neice and Goddaughter Liz's college graduation.


Bruce did get his Botox on the 28th and will be starting PT May 7th. We will try another round and see what evolves from that.


Kira's ear infection seemed to resolve after about a month. That is normal for cats, but Sunday the 27th she was having trouble breathing. I called a friend to sit with Bruce while I took her to the Vet Hospital. She had a fluid build up around her heart, they tapped it and we were able to take her home Monday afternoon. I kept Bruce busy all day after the Botox: errands, a BJs run. She was OK until just about Chat time on Tuesday and off we went again.


She is a very sick little kitty. We opted to take her home with some medications and just keep her safe and comfortable. I only pray that she will be able to tell me when it is time and I will be strong enough to listen. Bruce is doing OK with that so far. But we will have to go day to day as far as him staying alone with her. I did speak with our caregiver Erma and if Erma feels it is too stressful, she will take some time off. Been a very sad week.


For me, I just push forward. I know if I stop and think for too long I will probably fall apart. With family and friends all very busy right now, I am getting great support from the Dietician at work and Bruce's best friend.


I wanted to get this into my Blog so I have a journal entry. Debbie


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my first friend(cat) marble had same. she went fast like a few days and it was really terrible. I brought her home friday from the vets and she could hardly move. by sunday I said to myself that I have one obligation to marble and that was to help her escape. at the end she hid in my home in a very out of the way place. she was telling me that it was my turn to do something. I did. it was very hard.

best wishes to you and your kitty



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Debbie you sound like my wife when she was loading/unloading my WC from my Explorer for some time until I got on my feet and got my driver license back.. That lady stuck by my side it had to be all love for her husband I know that!! My wife quit her job to help me then she went back to work at the bank and I got hired at Walmart and stayed for three years..


We lost money that year on taxes having to pay and me trying to work and recoup what she lost in salary helping me get going again.. Those were the days but we made it together!!!


I got to take my little companion dog to the Vet hospital for her heart meds they are over due and Princess has an ear problem too but I got a bottle of medicine to flush it out when she start to scratch a lot. I haven't bought a cheap bottle of anything to give her yet all that stuff cost pretty good! Oh well she is company for me all day and half the night when her little owner is away from home!


I don't know how I would get along without her company all day while everybody else is gone from home?? She knows I will take care of her. When the doorbell rings she looks right up at me as if to say "who is that grandpa?"


I started physical therapy back two weeks ago, the lady comes to my house, but this week my knees are hurting me so much I had to postpone today and probably next week too which is my last week. I think I'm just getting old now and uncle arthritis won't turn me loose!!


Yea this time of the year I can handle and be outside under my tree in the front yard on my scooter me and the dog. She loves to ride and run out front of me. We sometimes go around the blocks about a mile in distance!


You said it best "There is always hope in our lives and situations." I will go until I can't go any more!! Later...

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losing a pet - suddenly or slowly is about the saddest thing i ever experienced along with of course human deaths… It is odd how those little creatures get into our hearts. But they do, and it is so hard to know they will not always be there to console us and love on us and yes, even annoy us..(LOL) --- When Beths dog Kia died back before the stroke days, Dan cried as much as he ever cried and he wasn't even a big "fan" of the dog… Kia, much like Kira was ill and we knew the days were limited but still i can hear Beths frantic cry ,"mom come quick " Kira died of a heart attack right in her arms as they snuggled down for the night.. That dog had tough Beth so many things - in that dogs special way even in death got Beth ready for very traumatic days ahead - Dans stroke, Grandmas death.. Animals are a true gift from god - unfortunately, they are loaners- god gets those little souls back…. Read the poem rainbow bridge if you have not already, it is beautiful…. anyhow thinking of your family - and hoping for the best for everyone… hugs and kisses love you - Nancyl

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Saying a prayer for Kira, you know we just last summer went through that with our Mooch. He was 19 though. When we took him in, hoping it was something simple, they wanted to put him down right then. We took him home for a couple of weeks and he lay in the sun on the porch, then a bunch of days of rain came and we knew it was time. As we walked out of the vet afterwards, a bright ray of sun broke through the storm for about 30 seconds, and we knew it was him saying goodbye but I'm in a better place. At least I like to think so!


"Maintenance required" means time for an oil change; with my Toyota there's an easy way to turn it off. You hold down the odometer button and something else for three seconds, look on the internet for your model. A gas cap off usually results in "Check engine", which is FAR scarier.


Adding on to say: When I say time for an oil change, I don't mean your oil is low. When they change the oil at regularly set mileage points, the mechanic sets the computer to have that light pop on about 1,000 before the next change is due. Mine's on right now and I'm not giving it a second thought, since the sticker on the windshield says I have over 1,000 to go still. Or maybe there are other things like that it means, but mainly it means extra money for your garage and not something that is actually wrong.

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Debbie :


you all are in my prayers, pet does become family member & loosing them is hard thing to go through.



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Debbie, you and family are in my prayers and thoughts. Losing a pet is like losing a family member.


best wishes



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Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. She is hanging in there and we are enjoying our time with her. Debbie

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I hope Kiri can overcome this new disaster. I have been giving all our money to the vet here, as Bella has started on seizure meds and after her shots and blood test and then another blood test to see if the phen.barb. was bother her liver - it was, then start over on another med - about $1000 gone and now she wants another blood test to 'see how her liver is doing'. They quoted me a price of $600 to clean her teeth, but I flicked the tartar off with a nail file in 20 minutes at home on the couch - hmmphh! $600 indeed!

Anyway, praying for Kiri that this was just one of those things, that goes away!

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