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The Care Conference



It went well. The staff had nothing but praise for Lisa. She is very well liked by all the doctors and nurses. Her improvement on the past month has been remarkable according to them. Like we didn't know that already.


Speech Therapist said that Lisa's speech pattern is 95% clear and her swallowing is much improved.


OT Therapist said that her left arm (the good one) is much stronger than when she first came in. Her right arm (the bad one) is slowly coming back but it is still too early to tell how much movement will return....Do you guys find you hear that alot?


PT Therapist said that her lower body strength is like night and day. Lisa is now able to sit unsupported for long periods of time. She is now spending 10 minutes in a standing position. Her next big step will be working on sliding transfers then standing transfers. Lisa actually needs to start wearing shoes to PT. That's great!!

She has set a goal for herself of being able to transfer herself from a wheelchair to my car and back so we can go out to dinner for our anniversary on June 24. I think it's going happen.


We also discussed Sub-Acute Rehab. We have a VERY good rehab place in Duluth and we have kind of looked at that as a finish line. But, we have had a new thought about it. Why would we go there an spend $2000 a day when she could just be released from where she is now? It is a very entertaining idea.


So good news all around yesterday. Now as the end of Lisa's in-patient stay is starting to come in sight, I have to figure out what the next step will be. I am very scared about it. I guess I will have to do some research on what I will need to take care of her.


Other than that there's nothing. I am excited about getting away from everything and playing in the golf tourney on Friday. It has been 2 weeks since I have been out and for someone who used to play 4-5 days a week I need it.


Thank you for responding to some of my more "down" posts. It has helped to pick me up when I get down.



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