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I Need a Vacation



Man, do I have to work a lot this week.


My normal work hours are 8:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. Your normal kind of work week. But, with all the appointments and stuff I have to make all that time up. I will be working 6:00 to 5:30 almost every day this week just to get Friday off. Lisa has a couple of Dr. appointments and I am playing in a golf tournament (YEAH!!!) Luckily, the kids are out of school and we got the car back if they need rides.


I did have one thing I wanted to write about today. Last night was the first time all four of us have been together alone for a while. We all fell into the same routines, joked with each other, and just spent time together. It was like always.

But, I had to wonder, "Will it always be like this?". If Lisa's improvement stops at some point, will our children want to be around? It a disturbing, but realistic question. I had a friend whose grandmother lived with his family because she couldn't take care of herself, and he resented her. He would have to miss out on some things because his parents had things to do and he would have to stay with her. Could that happen to us? Could that happen to ME??? Of course I can confidently say NO now. I don't even like thinking about it. Could they be embarrassed about her condition? I know it is still to early to tell how much improvement Lisa will get back. But, what if it stops? Will they be able to handle the extra responsibility of her needs? I hope that I will be able to instill in them the desire to. To include her in their activities because they WANT to, not because I MAKE them. Wow, that blog was a total bummer. Where did that thought come from?


We have Lisa's Care Conference today. It should be very positive. We both are really pleased with her improvement and the treatment she has been receiving. She has been treated like a queen there. Lisa is one of the youngest residents and might be the only one who will leave at some point. Most of the nurses are around Lisa's age. I am so glad I chose this facility.




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i don't think your blog was a "downer". you are asking yourself many realistic questions that i asked myself in the beginning, as i'm CERTAIN my family did as well because i overheard them. i think you have a positive attitude and this will help lisa go as far as she can!!!!!


you can't control other people OR their actions or reactions. i am 42 years old and must be the most NAIVE human on the planet in this regards. if i JUST learned that, so i don't guess you are too old to learn it either!!!!! from where i am, on the outside looking in, from what you have written since you have become a member, i think you are doing everything in your power to make the best of the situation which sweetie, defines your true character.


this can't be said for all spouses and/or caregivers which i have painfully learned. you are a treasure to lisa, and i want only what you both deserve, THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME!!!!!!!




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I also suffered stroke at age 34 and my son is only 8 year old, I worried about all things you worried, on top since I come from 3rd world where disability is cosidered something to be ashame of, till today, my mom won't tell her friends that I got stroke and got disabled, I wworried most of the time that my son would be ashamed of me and resent me, but my hubby's constant support and my son's playful nature all those things are way of past, he everyday invents new games to play with mom which je can't play with able people, so that gives me reason to live for and I am happy thaty I hung in my path of recovery




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