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Another Happy Week



Well, another week begins.


Lisa and I spent alot of this weekend talking about when she should come home. She has set a date of Aug. 1. I think that is a realistic goal for her. She has been in the hospital or nursing home since Mar. 4 and had her stroke on Mar. 17. I would like to believe that 5 months of in-patient rehab would be enough. We have a Care Conference with the staff on Tuesday. Lisa really wants to start working hard on her transfers. Our anniversary is on the 24th and she wants to go and eat somewhere. Also, shehas her first appointment with the Neurologist on Friday.


Not much else is happening. I got her car back from the shop late Friday. You can't even tell anything happened to it. Our son actually had the balls to ask me if he could take it to his friend's house a few minutes after I walked in the door. I gave him a polite but stern NO. Work, school, Mom is what I told him. I think it is going to be a long summer for him with no car.


I am still having trouble not being wit Lisa. I spent 6 hours there on Sat. and 7 hours there on Sun. I mean, I enjoy our time together. I cherish every moment. We laugh, we joke, it's nice. Here's the but, I have so many other things to take care of that I have no energy when I leave or no time to do them. I am an avid golfer, the past weekend was beautiful, and wasn't able to get away to squeeze a round in. I know I will hear I need to take care of myself, but how can I. I guess that is the Caregiver's Curse.


Also found out from Lisa that she has no short term memory of the stroke before she went to the Mayo Clinic. That might be a good thing. She asked a lot of questions about it. It was very hard to tell her that she almost didn't make it TWICE. The look on her face was one I don't want to see again any time soon.


My phone is ringing and it's her.......Later!!






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