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Nothing New Same Old Stuff



It's been 10 days since my last Blog and except for the weather there is nothing new but we are having more sunshine days with a bit of windy weather at times. The worse of the storms bypassed us here in central Texas but it did hit Dallas a bit!! Well nothing we can do about the weather not even a rain dance will insure it would rain. The weather comes and goes as God want it to each day whether we want it or not. We have had quite a bit of hail in the last two weeks so roofs on houses are being repaired by the hundreds and hail damage tents are everywhere to fix dents on brand new cars from dealerships and individuals too!


I'm a lucky one I guess no dents on my car at all and no roof damage either, that's a blessing. Of course my car is ten years old and perhaps the materials were a little stronger then compared to cars made today. We can only get one in the garage so my wife parks her car in there all the time. She needs the protection and security going to and from work. My daughter parks her car just outside the garage door to the left so she can get in and out of that spot with no problem. If she parked it inside the garage it would be a little too crowded although it's a two car garage.


I bought another tuff shed (10 by 12) from home depot last Friday because we have accumulated so may boxes and items stacked in the garage it looks junkie or like we are hoarders!! We got stuff everywhere in the house like in every corner it seems to me. We got stuff stacked everywhere in every room in the house. When I had to sell my bowling pro shop all the things I kept were in the shed until now it was just too little to hold any more.


When my daughter went to prison I had to go and clear her apartment and take her things to a storage facility. Her SSI stopped when they found out she was incarcerated so I had to get her things from storage to my house. She still has a few more years before being free again!! She will have to find her a halfway house or some place to live when she has served all her time. She can not live in my house because I don't want to hurt her if she steals anything from me or my wife then I would be in prison and I'm too old for that. She makes 50 years old two days before I turn 73 this July! I don't need the headaches at my age.


Ten years as a stroke survivor I can walk with a cane for short distances and in the house without a cane so I may not get everything back but to be doing as good as I am is OK with me. I still take therapy from time to time but I have about convinced myself that what I lost in the brain may not ever be retained again. I'm just so glad to be doing as good as I am for as long as I have!! I know I have PTSD and I get paid for that tax free so with the help of my wife hey life is still good and I will be alright.


I will not think and plan too far ahead because the senior years I know will be a little harder to do things for myself on some days perhaps. I am so thankful now I can still drive for the last ten years which to me is a big blessing from God! Then I got my scooter to get around in the big stores and malls and a smaller one for inside my house should I need it anytime soon.


My wife insist she wants and plans to be at the bank until she reaches 70 years old she calls that easy money then but that's ten years from now!!! She hates to be doing nothing saying she couldn't be retired like me and sit home. I tell her this is the rest I couldn't get 40 years ago when I retired from the Army wounded. What a difference a wife makes!! Even with the wounds and a stroke I survived I feel good about life and I'm able to still do things for myself!


We think in a couple weeks we may make a casino trip to get away for a fun weekend together. Until then she is traveling with our church choir to other churches for different church functions our Pastor has been invited to attend with his church members. I will stay home that's too much traveling for me. We will still have regular church for the members that don't travel with them. If I was walking good I would go!


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Hi Fred, I noticed the weather in other states. here in Florida it is Hot! it is in the 90's for seven days straight! this is Spring help! I am so please that you are happy in your marry life. That all you want, good health, great quiet family life, roof, over your head, clothes on your body, food in your stomach! Life is good. Enjoy your casino trip, that is what I am aiming with my husband, travelling more! I tell him life is short, and our baby is 21years old, and he is in college.


Tell your wife Happy Mothers Day!



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hey fred, sorry to hear about your daughter and I can fully understand you don't need that disappointment (at any age least of all ours!(lol) ) god was smiling on you when he gave you your wife. I am of course totally envious but realize that the only girl that can live with me has 4 paws and is lucy my cat.


take care my friend,



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Fred - some times same old - same old is good… good for the wife, hopefully she can work till she is 70 …. i would love to work - i just can't seem to find a job with a good fit for me…and our situation…. but i am confidant as always - what ever will be, will be…. and won't push the "scale" of life to hard either way… nancyl

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Fred best to you and your wife. Do hope that casino trip comes up soon and sorry you did not get more rain - I know you suffer drought there.


Best wishes on your clean out - LOL. Debbie

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We leave on the 24 for the casino just hope my luck follows me there and back!! My wife needs a break from the bank taking care of other peoples money so maybe we can bring some of the casino's money back to Texas. It's been awhile since that happened for her or me for anything big!!!

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