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Just Taking One Day At A Time



Well, just taking one day at a time and enjoying the weather. All my doctor visits turned out fine and my health is good. No more test of any kind scheduled any time soon so I'm guessing I got a clean bill of health. My therapy was cut short although the VA was paying the bill I guess they figured I had gotten my fair share of it. So now I'm sorta taking life easy and see how far I can go being strong and making any appointments they may give me in the next few months.


My biggest complaint now is the arthritis in both knees making it difficult for me to get around with this pain in my knees. I try walking on the sidewalk with my little dog during the early mornings and some late evenings much as I can stand! I think it's an age thing that old folks get when they get pass 70 years old. So I'm glad I drive plus I got my scooter I haul with me everywhere my vehicle goes. Otherwise I see myself staying home on most days and I don't want that to happen now that the weather is nice outside.


I still must pay my yard man to get things done I can't with one hand inside the house and outside as well. I ordered a new Tuff shed from Home Depot so I can clean the garage out more and store some of that stuff in the bigger shed. My garage is packed where only one car will fit. We got more stuff in all our bedrooms that could be put in the shed too. Right now the rooms looks like we are hoarders with so much stuff in every corner!


Then I still got to have the batteries changed in all the smoke detectors that should have been done in January and here it is May already!! I can't get up on a ladder so another job for my yardman to accomplish for me!!! He was called back to his regular job on the military post but he is still cutting yards when he has time to finish one during the day!!


I exercise all I can during the mornings most days but my left arm and side still feels like it is made of cement. I can still move it, my fingers and my left hand so I'm not too bad off yet. My wife rub my shoulders down at night so I am able to sleep pretty good all night....


We have a weekend scheduled to go visit the casino in a week or two in Oklahoma or Louisiana or both! She loves to play the penny slot machines but that's her away enjoyment to keep her entertained and in a good mood!! Every thing is good when the wife is happy and she plays with her own money!!! More next time...


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oh fred so glad to hear that you have been given a clean bill of health now if you could just get this artheritis to your knees all would be good and if boston red sox could just beat Detroit all would be great all the best to you fred

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Fred: am glad you are accepting what you now have to pass off to youngun's. You don't need a fall certainly. You have a great bill of health. Fresh air, small amounts of exercise and scooter-walks with the puppy are fine. So glad you will be off on a casino jaunt. Suggest you pack or sort the stuff for the new storage shed, but someone else can move and store it for you.


Now is the time to just be the "supervisor". Hugs, Debbie

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Fred, you have overcome so much, now those niggling aches and pains will slow you down but never affect your fighting spirit. Hope you find some time to sit in the sun and enjoy the world around you. You don't have to be busy doing all the time, take time to think and remember and reflect on what has gone before as well. It is one of the privileges of our retirement years.

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Fred, please that you have been given a clean bill of health. Sorry about your aches and pains, but Fred it could be worse. You are still getting around, and your mind is sharp. Enjoy your casino jaunt, it is great to get away. Living in Florida we have great beaches and went to one this weekend. It was great watching the grandkids while I just sat and soaked it up looking at God's wonder of the world.



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Fred :


I am so happy for you, with attitude like that no wonder life is great for you. positivity attracts positivity in life. you are shining example of it.





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I guess it's that I know what I need to do daily and that this stroke condition will be with me for a long time. I remember those five months I spent in that hospital while others were not kept there near that long. So the type of stroke you suffer determines how you will be in years ahead!! Then the age factor has a lot to do with recovery attitude I think!!


In my case it's been 10 years since the stroke and I'm now 73 years old!! I have worked all my life, 22 years in the Army, 10 years in the Postal Service, 10 more years operating my own business of a Bowling Pro shop selling balls, bags, shoes, and drilling holes in the balls so the person could use that ball in the bowling center. Many of my customers bowled a 300, a perfect game, with the balls I drilled for them.


I have rolled 10 games of 300 myself!!!

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