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Catch up - May 2014



Will try to hit the high points of just a few things. Bob started OT for his hand/arm May 21. We do have to travel a little to get there, so it's a bit of a hardship, but his fantastic insurance runs out Aug 1, and he goes on medicare. She seemed very positive and we'll see where it goes. I have recently gotten him a very light hand 'brace' which mostly keeps his index and little finger from flopping over sideways and going under the 2 middle fingers. It has really helped the look of his hand. She really liked that. I have no idea if she can find anything to work on to perhaps get something to happen in his hand or not, but this is our shot to try it. Oh, I will say that a couple of weeks ago something weird happened. I often will get his hand and try to pull his fingers out more, so they stay out instead of crunched up, and suddenly, they shot out. I said, ''what was that?" He said, he didn't know, but he felt it. I have no idea, but only know that it never did that before, so maybe it was a sign, I will believe it anyway, because it's fun to have hope :)


In 1997 I had an elevated reading on my blood glucose that just put me over into the diabetic area. Then I went to weight watchers and had tunnel vision to lose weight and get control of it, which I did. We do have a lot of it in my family, and so I know that sooner or later, I'll just have it, period. Well.... I started feeling super bad, like I might fall dead and started taking my readings and saw it was acting up, sure, I've been doing lots of stress eating, flood and all. I know I beat diabetes back before, but I'm 17 years older now! and have so much going on! At any rate, I try.... some days I do excellent, other days, I overeat. I no longer buy donuts and muffins, and am happy enough without them, but find I still overeat and binge eat, just on different foods, like nuts. I ate too many granola bars today, so will cut them off - I hate trigger foods and try to eliminate them so I don't feel cravings. At this time in life, fate does that maddening thing where it takes your nice Selena butt and rips it off the back of you and sticks it on your midriff. Even losing weight, I'm not sure where it came off of, because the midriff looks exactly the same :(


Today I was going to work on the garage and try to get something done in there, but ended up bringing Bob to the front porch and bringing out a drawer load of socket sets and had him sort them, as it was just a drawer of a million of them dumped in there. They have a square on the back of the socket that snaps onto a wrench like thing, and there were 2 sizes of squares, so I had him put the same size ones into 2 different bags. Well, of course, those drawers could have stayed like that forever and I could have actually did work, but I knew this would be fun for him and make him happy, and it WAS his birthday!!! I looked at his food diary and saw he had sketched a funny shape, like a state and asked him what it was, he said "63" - ha, ha, he was noting his age :)




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Hi Sandy, loved reading your blog. Good news about Bob's hand and yes it is better to live in hope.

So you are a diabetic as well. I am on insluin and pills. I used to prick my finger four times a day! no more, I was stressing my self out! I watch what I eat, no sodas, white rice, white flour, eat greens, salads, watch how much food I eat. Also Sandy, i walk every day, go keep fit twice a week, and drink lots of water. I went to check my eyes and it was excellent, my feet are good, now wearing shoes with a little heel could not do that after my stroke. Doctor said I always be on insulin, I am going to prove then wrong!


Loved Bob's art work LOL



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Sandy:that is so great. Bob's 63 is just precious. Things are moving right along for you two. Good news on the OT - gotta give it a shot.


Bruce loves those kinds of projects as well and sometimes it is just fun. You can get to the garage another day. When the opportunity arises, you just go with it. And as you dig through in the garage, Bob may be able to help out there as well.


What has worked for Bruce's diabetes - and yes, I know I am preparing his meals - is to reduce carbs. Somehow carbs make him hungrier sooner, and he would tend to overeat the next meal or go for snacks. He is better off for breakfast with an egg rather than cereal. Just a thought.


Thank you for updating us. Always good to hear how things are going. Debbie

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Great news for Bob and you can imagine how I feel at 10 years older than him??? It's no walk in the park but with my scooter I feel I can do just about anything or go any place!!!


I went to work at Walmart two years after the stroke and stayed there for three years before I decided to stop!!! My wife returned to her banking job the same time I started my job!!!

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We never know, do we…. hope is a good thing, and you have done so much for BOB - I am so amazed at the hard single minded work you do to help him rehab… .nancyl

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