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Bob's New OT



I got this small lightweight hand 'splint' (rolyan) and it has been a huge help in keeping his hand loose. It is so light and easy to wear that he does, all day & night. His hand has responded very well to it, and the new OT loves it!




So, Bob is finally strong enough, and stays awake long enough, that we can make the trip to a further rehab, which has OT, unlike the last 2. He had his eval on May 21 and 1st OT on May 28. Since she is a real OT, she is not afraid to stretch his fingers HARD, because she knows how. I always thought he had some lower arm because he could arm wrestle, but the PT's just said it was his shoulder. However, the OT agrees that he could not hold the ball together without forearm. Now I don't know how much can be done with it, but the possibility exists for something! I will share these pics of her working with him and this weighted ball.

















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Sandy, thanks for sharing. I like that last one with him smiling. It shows he is really trying and enjoying the effort as well.



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Awesome Bob! You can do it! Sandy, I like that brace where did you get it from? I may have to see about one for Mike. Does it hurt when she stretches Bobs fingers out? Mike literally screams in pain if I try to pull on his and stretch them!

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I found it in a catalogue at PT. It's kinda floppy, but that's why it is so comfortable. I found the best way to put it on is insert the thumb and fasten around the wrist, THEN get the fingers between the tabs. Be sure to order the correct side (right/left) if you order any device)


This is it on ebay:



This is another one I'm interested in:



or Amazon where you have to select size before getting to page or you'll be on the page to order the wrong one:



You can find them by doing a search of rolyan palm shield at different stores, and try to find better shipping. I found a place that sold the devices for under real cheap, but wanted $20 shipping a piece! So, it may take some time to study the best place to order, but that't them. I wash by hand and lay in sun. When dry, I spray with odor eaters foot spray and put it on him! So, an extra would be good to have around.

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PS - he doesn't scream out, but his eyes bug out and his face is contorted! That is why it is good to have an OT - she knows what she can do, and I'm always wondering if I'll pop a ligament! We just pull lightly at home and keep straightening them out. I have him working on them by telling him she won't have to pull them so hard if he does it at home too. Actually, it's not really a pull, it's more like a push behind the middle knuckle, with your thumb, and your index finger underneath center of the knuckle. If you do that to your own finger, you will see your finger pop out - then you know you are doing it in the right place. Of course, they are tight, so it won't pop out, but you know you are in the right place to work on it. Push there and lift the finger out as you push, you have the right place. So push there on Mike and lift the finger out as bearable - or he can do it, even better.

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Sandy, love the photo's! Bob did great, and I love that you Sandy are always looking out to find things that help Bob in his recovery. Well done to you both!



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Sandy: Wow-whee. Don't know where to start. I love the brace. Yes, it takes a lot of time to investigate and consider, but you did good! Plus his OT approves even better.


Sandy: can you see how Bob is standing - that is incredible and I can't begin to talk about the success in holding the ball. I do hope this is the beginning of some real recovery of the hand. Sure looks like he is on the way!


Bruce gasps when I put his hand into the splint, so yes it does hurt a bit. But like Bob, there is no yelling out and yes, it is just soft, gentle manipulation. Bruce also works his hand all day - a perfect project while watching TV - LOL as long as one can put the TV remote down for a bit. But I agree with you, that is why Bruce's hand is not worse. Bruce is now contracted but he never had even the partial movement you saw in Bob. Good for you for sticking with it and getting him to the right OT.


Having a toast to both of you right now and please do keep posting the pix. Wonderful. Debbie

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There always seem to be something that doesn't work out for us older people no matter the amount of insurances we may have. I'm in the same situation right now after the VA stopped my "In home health care" now they got an agency that comes out once a week and my social security stopped paying for more therapy some time ago. You never know what to expect with health care anymore!!!

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You can almost see the 'foot-up' by ossur that he is wearing on his stroke foot, behind the OT's leg. He doesn't have profound foot drop, just a little where the side of his foot curves downward. The massive brace is way over kill for him, so I saw a video on these and ordered it for him from Amazon. Here's the video:


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this is a great blog. Thanks for sharing the pics. Great motivation :) I am working on opening my hand and wearing my splint day and night

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Sandy: he does seem steady and she is not bracing him. That is hard to do on a good day, even when not concentrating on something else. Great find.

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