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So if you read my other entry you will know I had my stroke 2 years ago and currently suffer from Central Post Stroke Pain.We have been trying to figure out different Medications that go hand in hand to try and reduce the pain I deal with daily. With that being said. I see my neurologist and a regular basis. He has been amazing with me and I communicate a lot with him through email when Im having very bad days. He really has been a blessing to me. About a year ago my PCP retired and I haven't tried to find a new one. So today I finally went and seen a new Dr. She was very nice and seemed to want to help me because not only do I suffer from the stroke but since I had had a few other medical conditions pop up. I take my neurologists word and advice seriously. So she has suggested that I have Botox injections for headaches. Now I am very cautious as to the medications I take and now with Botox being laid on the table I am nervous. Its a bacteria I am purposely putting in my body. I know that it has its ups and downs. Me being a nurse I know this. But when it comes to me Im not sure if this is for me. What are some stories anyone has with Botox for headaches from strokes? Good or Bad..

On a side note I also have an upcoming appointment for Acupuncture. Im a little nervous about this. Any stories about that procedure as well are appreciated.


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My hubby dan uses a combo maybe 1X week or so uses oxycodone and valium for his pain.. it eases it a bit , but not to much, what we do notice is if he refuses his gabepentin. he really feels that in a day or two… he did botox in the beginning but the injection pain was to much …. no solution here, just info… nancyl

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Nice that you off to a good start with your new Doctor ! I am ten years post stroke an was paralyzed on my whole right side i now ride my three welled tyke an walking well. Eight years ago the tingling started toes leg arm face an then the serious pain an burning got very severe . I have gone thru a number of pain Drs. Presently very pleased with all my Doctors. Pain, i am on Gabapentin 800MG every 8 hours an Hydrocodone Acetaminoph 10-325 every 8 hours. I have side effects yet pain on a score 1-10 many days around 4-6 which is a darn decent day for me. I am 67 years old an live in Fenton, Michigan Good luck

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I can give you a little insight acupuncture . Piece of cake. Very unique experience. Calmed me down. Which was a good thing . I wished I would have tried it earlier. Cost is very expensive. I would want to do every week. I did't so I quit. I do not believe it is a cure all but it is amazing what it can do. And do not be nervous, the needles are extremely small. You have to try.


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