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still waiting



I have tried and can't seem to comment to my own blog from my phone. I'm still waiting for surgery. There were some bad accidents and people needed emergency attention so I was bumped. They're trying to get me in soon as they can.


The blockage is a blood clot in the Aorta where it branches in the abdomen to supply the legs with blood.


This phone is a pain to post from so I'm going to cut this short. I will try to update again after surgery.


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Hope you don't have to wait much longer your situation needs attention too!!! Prayers going out and up for you to get in, get out and be in good health afterwards so you can recoup on R&R soon!!!

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I was so glad to read of the increase in your EF. That is great news! The rest of this is not such great news but it sounds like you are in the right place and they are keeping a close eye on you. I hope by now the surgery has been successfully completed. Praying for a quick and painless recovery. ~~Donna

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