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A silver lining hiding in a dark cloud



I am in University of Maryland hospital again. I went to Walmart Friday with my mother and had trouble walking into the store. By Monday I couldn't walk at all. So I went to my local hospital who transported me to University of Md. They found no pulse in my legs and feet from the waist down. I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow for an arterial bypass to allow blood to flow into my legs again. Good news is that my walking should improve again. The pain in my feet should improve. During my echocariogram they discovered that my EF (heart strength) which was 10 percent last year is 25 percent now.


So there is good news among the bad. I am posting from my cell phone and will see you when I get home.




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So right that out of bad comes good and that is your heart strength is better! Also your walking should improve. Jamie you are in my prayers.


God bless, lets us know when you get home.



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Jaime, you will get better. You know that. You have that fighting spirit. The heart strength is good news as you will need that to go through the operation. The strength of spirit that you have is amazing. We wish you a full recovery plus some extra improvement for good measure. (((hugs)))

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Do they think plague is what caused it? It is scary, but appears your surgery will be over by now. I am hoping you will be able to come back online soon, and let us know you are ok and all is well. Praying for you.

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Jamie :


you are in my prayers for quick recovery, I am glad it got caught in time. please update us as soon as you can




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Oh Jamie, I know you were sort of prepared for this but what a blow. I hope you make a full recovery and soon!


Sandy I hope you meant "plaque" and not "plague". You gave me quite the start!

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Jamie: so sorry about the set back, but yes, you should see remarkable improvement after the surgery. Please take a good amount of time to recover, no rushing it.


Please keep us updated and prayers for a safe and speedy recovery. Debbie

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