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Retirement State of Mind



Five weeks and counting - but seems I have entered Retirement State of Mind already.


We had the house powerwashed two weeks ago and it is beautiful. They used a special cleaner on the gutters, making them look like new. I also had them do the front porch, which is really just a landing now with the ramp and the deck. So they are ready for staining.


The Contractor is coming tomorrow to start on the kitchen ceiling and paint the kitchen. The kitchen is small and really needs a total gut. But that is not in the budget and right now Bruce is comfortable working in there from the WC, so that will be left for the next owners. A fresh coat of paint will just brighten it up.


So we went off to Home Depot today to pick out the stain and pick up some paint chips. I knew Bruce would love doing this and ended up with the same stain he used himself many years back. But he is not fond of painting or chosing paint colors. The one thing he always dreaded was coming home to paint chips or wallpaper on the wall and me standing there trying to decide. He knew he was in for big trouble. LOL. But tonight he did come into the kitchen and offer his opinion. He really has the artistic eye in the family and it was nice he contributed.


The snow removal guy is coming next week to give neighbor Gloria and us a quote. So things are moving right along. I started to set all this up figuring it would be a while before we could get in the Contractors' schedule. But the economy must be really tight because every one of them was OK, when can we start? Fortunately Erma is available to spell me off here.


We have been getting so much done. Weather, this week, is pretty horrid but both vehicles have AC.


Already I notice a difference in Bruce. I am more centered in home and he is right on board with that. Gets him back into our life and not just sitting, watching TV until I get home. Yes, I am tired but it is a good tired. I can finally leave the job at the job and not be bringing home projects I did not have time to finish. And I did wash all the windows in the small part of the house. These are the easy windows - new - but there are 9 of them and four doors. What a difference! Julie was right. Once the screens were clean, the windows had to be done. Bruce always prided himself in having the cleanest windows on the block. I remember when my Mom was with us and she would call work and say "Debbie, he is at it again!" LOL. So while he would never ask, I know he is pleased.


I am so hoping this will all free up some quality time for us come August. It will be nice to have some of the major projects done and be able to get out and about, not just for errands.


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Imagine how much you will get done once you really stop working! And then you can toodle around all day too, and make up for that lost time last winter.

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After all, you really have been working two jobs as a caregiver's job is 24/7. When you include all you do for Bruce, keeping your home in order, dealing with finances and everything else, now you will have more time to enjoy it.


Oh happy day!



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