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moving to rehab



The physical therapist recommended I be sent to acute rehab. She wants me to be a little more steady on my feet before I go home. So I am being transported there today for maybe a week.


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Jamie: best decision you could have made. I do know you just want to get home. But you have worked so hard on both your stroke and cardiac recoveries, just a little reinforcement.


I am so pleased everything went so well and you are happy with the outcome. Work hard, as you have all along and you will be home and back on the track soonest. Keep us updated. Debbie

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Jamie, I don't always read blogs- either no time, or eyes too tired. So, I just found out today about your problem circ in your legs and surgery to correct. I'm sorry you've had to go thru all of this, but I am delighted things are going well for you. Prayers for smooth sailing here on out! Becky

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