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Second place in a dance competition!



If you're not buying it, don't worry...nobody else will either! I'm a notoriously bad dancer even before stroke but this morning in OT we had a dance competition using a Wii console. We sat in our chairs and did the arm movement with our arms and the hand controller registered our movements. I was in first place for the longest time until some guy stole my lead. Still, second is cool with me. Lol

The whole time I was thinking how this would be a fun way to get exercise and to spends fun time with my grand daughters.

I can't wait to get one. I really think it will be a great purchase. Each day there is a marked improvement and right now they have me down for release Tuesday or Wednesday.


Dancing Queen (Jamie)


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Dancing Queen for sure! The Wii is just great. One of Lauren's physical therapists had him doing bowling on it. I have a friend who has post polio syndrome and is in a wheel chair. She actually does dance competitions and dances in her wheelchair along with partners who are not disabled. It is beautiful to see. She has such grace in her wheelchair. Your grand daughters would love dancing with you! It sounds like rehab has been a good choice and you are making great progress. Good to hear! ~~Donna

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Great with the release date, will not be long now. I never tried the wi, I think I'd have to have a few extra tv's as I am sure a hand controller would be sailing towards it.

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Terry, pull the strap tight and the handset doesn't go anywhere. Jamie, Ray loved to bowl against Trevor and often won. I love the Wii for interacting with grandchildren, dancing, balancing games, later on strategy games.


Glad you are due for release soon, got my fingers crossed for Monday or Tuesday for you.

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Terry, go get one! My grandson has one and it is here at my house. We do bowling, golf, baseball, Tennis, and other sports game. It helps me moving and spending time with my grand kids.


Please that you are making such good progress. Keep it up dancing Queen!



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