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Home Again



I got home today around 4 PM. Tomorrow a home health nurse comes and then Friday a physical therapist. They arranged it so one of them would be here Monday through Friday. My aunt is taking me tomorrow to fill the many new prescriptions I've been given. I'm exhausted and weak as a kitten but the doctors keep trying to drill it into my head that things didn't get this way over night and won't get better over night and weakness is to be expected.

So tomorrow starts the next phase of this journey.


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Please to hear that you are home. You also know what the doctor said is right. Take your time, each day is a new day to take baby steps, remember slow and steady.



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Whew! Just got back from the pharmacy and grocery store! Man, I feel old! lol That kicked my butt but at least I can do it.

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Welcome home Jamie. As exhausted as you are, I know you are glad to be home. Great plan on the nurses and therapists. Rest, hydrate and get into an exercise routine. Great advice from the Doctor - allow yourself that time. Get that Nook out and plan on some great summer reading and your Ipod - lots of your favorite music. Find a quiet place in the yard and stretch out. Good news and do check in. Debbie

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I'm glad to hear you are going to have someone there everyday to help you get situated while getting stronger. I have a kindle (and actually, also the free kindle ap on my laptop and on an ipod - and agree that since I have those I am able to relax and read again. I always lost my book in the shuffle going on and now I always know where it is - actually where THEY re, I get so many free books from for amazon, that I will never be able to read them ALL! I'm just thankful they are laying around in the 'cloud' instead of around here! So, I hope you take equal time to relax and work, for your best recovery :)

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